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Pernicious anemia/Hyperthyroidism

Hey everyone since being on this forum I've learned a great deal about how to self treat myself and subsequently started self injecting b12 half a year ago, I just wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone on these forums, your information has given me the means to take back my own life.

Ever since I could remember I've had a problem with gaining weight I know everyone knows a person like this, but in my case its on the tad extreme. I am able sometimes to eat 3-4k calories per day and keep this up for quite a long time with very minimal weight gain 2-4lbs if that, my hair for the last couple of years has taken a nose dive and when I look at what my hair used to be like I weep inside, I had thick wavy hair now it just looks like hay straight up out of a barn with very bad greying at the age of 25 (again at rapid rate).

A couple of months ago or so I was sat up in bed reading when all of a sudden I had this weird feeling in my chest and my heart rate went through the roof then it would stop all of a sudden and start again, I got up out of bed and did some pushups for some reason thinking it would help and it did after a while.

I guess my question is with this big rant, is, I know many people have hypothyroidism with PA but is it common to have the other thyroid problem, hyperthyroidism? .. its not as common as the former, and I wouldn't know how to start being treated for thyroid problems as my own doctors (I've seen 4) basically told me I was wrong about how much b12 I needed, now self injecting I feel much better aside from these other issues.

Hopefully someone on these forums can shed light on this situation for me, thanks in advance :)

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Not up on thyroid in humans but I've had several cats that had hyperthyroidism and one of the symptoms there is weight loss - significant weight loss - the hair changes in cats include a reddening of previously black hair. Increased thirst is also a symptom - though that might also be down to kidney problems developing which means that the cats aren't as good at recycling their water ... and cats are very good at extracting and recycling water from food etc.

The incident in bed sounds a bit like a panic attack ... and the push-ups probably worked because doing something physical and concentrating on it can help the brain shut down what-ever loop is causing the panic attack.

Not really possible to say what might have triggered the panic attacks - lots of conditions can trigger anxiety type reactions.

Have you tried seeing if there is anyone on the thyroid forums that can help?


I am in the process of looking at the thyroid.uk website, its just a little confusing because some of the information misinforms you, example: If you have hypothyroid it tells you to never eat vegetables like broccoli and kale because it helps lower the thyroid hormone but if you have a hyperthyroid probably it tells you to eat as much as possible.

I've already developed this unhealthy relationship with food in the past trying to heal myself, I don't want to go down that road again but, I'm currently in the process of switching to vegan but only allowing fish for the omega 3 etc.

I know I should go to a Dr to get concrete proof that I have thyroid problems, but how they treated me for these five years with PA makes me distrusting to Drs, I just feel as if I would get laughed at or not taken seriously.

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sad that B12D is treated so badly and certainly understand your distrust of doctors - goes back decades for me to being put on medication when I was 11 because I was having some problems with anxiety at school.

Whilst having high levels of B12 to deal with PA isn't a problem - thyroid is more like diabetes and insulin and its a question of balancing things so really would be best to consult a Dr or specialist of some sort.


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