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haematologist needed

Hi everyone, I put a post up the other day asking if anyone had the name of a Scottish Haematologist who actually knows what they are doing!! It has to be Scottish because we live in Scotland and I cannot be referred to England. A kind person gave me a list of names but they were either GP's or Neurologists. I will eventually need to see a neurologist so from that point of view that post was really helpful, but it really is a haematologist that I need to see now. HELP!!

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Hi there is a haematologist at Ross Hall in Glasgow called Glenn Rainey, he only has a Friday clinic there , I called about 3 weeks ago and he was on sick leave so they weren't taking appointments, but it's worth a call they may be taking them now. Good luck.


As a footnote to my posting asking for the name of a good haematologist in Scotland, a kind member directed me to a 'good doctors' list on FB. Just to let you know, one of those Doctors was unable to see me himself (because NHS waiting list is 12 weeks and I wanted to see someone quicker) but was able to recommend a neurologist who has a private practice as well as an NHS post. It just so happens that the neuro he has recommended was responsible for finally diagnosing my wife's ex sister in law with ideopathic torsion dystonia when everybody else she had ever seen (as well as all friends and family) had told her to grow up and stop being silly, so this man has almost godlike status to her, my wife and to me! I can't think why I never thought of him before! Not the haema I asked for but since I will need to see a neuro eventually because nerve damage quite bad now, I might just as well see him now as later, eh? If he turns out to be as knowledgeable as the recommending 'good doctor' claims then there will be another 'good doctor' to add to the list.

Also, not sure if i am allowed to do this but we will be seeing him privately and therefore more quickly than an NHS clinic appointment because of our membership of the Benenden Friendly Society. Cannot guarantee that this is true for everyone but they certainly took me and the wife on even with our combined health problems and they only cost us £8 monthly approx each. Membership for 6 months then gave us access to speedy consultations and £1500 worth of tests. I'm sure someone will slap my wrist if telling you this is not allowed under forum rules, and if so then i humbly apologise but they have been so very helpful to me and we are all on here because we need help aren't we?


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