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B12 testing

Oh well this might be really stupid question, but I will ask it anyways :P

I have order from doctor to get my b12 levels tested again. I had first test on January and my result was 342 pmol/l range 168-652 pmol/l.

I had already been taking b12 , low dosage tho, since I was not even aware thing called B12D. Of course I knew what b12 is but over here they keep saying that only old people can be deficient and it is really rare.

B12 was tested with tons of other things, but it was only thing that was not good and then I googled it. I went to public healthcare and they said I am healthy as a horse. Well... cant horse be ill as well?

Went to private practice and doctor agreed that I should be taking sublinguals as my levels are not alarming enough to get me gastroscopy, that is the only way to confirm PA over here. But he said that the reference range is low so it makes it look like I am good. He said that some people dont feel good unless their level is around 1000 or up.

We agreed to have the 3 months check up which would be now. I can book the test any given day now.

The thing is that I have been off of B12 for 4 days now because I run out of it. I had ordered more, but for some reason it did not arrive in time. I will get my package tomorrow tho. I already have started to feel symptoms coming back, like tingling and fatigue. I am wondering should I be off of b12 until next monday when I plan to get my test done or continue taking it tomorrow?

I do know that my doctor meant that I should be on supplements when getting the test so we could see how it affects. As greygoose pointed out earlier that I should be taking 7000 mcg/day to get my levels up to 1000 and currently I have been taking 250mcg to 1250 mcg/day and taking brakes since I had start up symptoms.

Next Monday it would be 10 days off and I am wondering whether it is even enough to see does my B12 stay low since I have no idea whether I can build up any storage. Or should I just take 1250 mcg /day from tomorrow until Monday to see whether it is even increase my b12 level enough or should I be increasing the dosage?

This 3 months check up is sort of important since my doctor said that some improvement should happen in 3 months even tho healing itself can take long time.


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