IFA and B12 Test

As a long time PA bid, I have quite a lot of knowledge about the disease and I have been convinced for sometime that my older daughter has PA. She has many symptoms.

As she has been feeling unwell for a long time I suggested she ask her GP to do an IFA screen. The GP's response was that she had already done a B12 test, which was in "normal" levels and IFA was included IN this test.

My question is. I was not aware of test for B12 that included an IFA screen - is my daughter being fobbed off, as I thought it was a separate test - off or does such a test exist?

Thank you.

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  • BID = BOD!

  • Serum B12 is usually done with folate but IFA, at least in UK is done as a follow up test.

    Suggest that you ask for a copy of the results and that way you will be able to see wether or not GP has his facts correct.

  • Separate tests. Ask for results!

  • Thank you. Thought so but wanted to get my facts straight and corroborated ❤️

  • Hi,

    Perhaps you could also request that the GP does an active B12 test. You could offer to pay for this test if they are reluctant.

  • Obviously active B12 is only useful if there has been no supplementation

  • Thanks to all who have responded.

  • I would demand they run the Intrinsic factor blood test, to see if she is properly obsorbing B-12. If they wont pay for it, offer to pay for it yourself.

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