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I'm new to the site but not to the PA I was diagnosed about 8 years ago was told much about it was something that came up in the tests I had for a under active Thyroid was given a loading dose and then put on 12 weekly injections was never given any information as to what to expect but thanks to this Site I came across on the Internet I now understand why I get so run down and suffer with all these extra ailments the Pins and Needles the Mouth ulcers, Styes in the eyes the general tiredness too I'm now looking into the alternatives of getting treated As I got My injection 29th January and my mouth ulcers are back already going to speak to my doctor first about maybe getting another loading dose and shortening my injection times but I now know how to go about sorting myself out if they ignore my requests

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  • Hi, I too was given no info from the doctor, just told I'd need jabs for life. Thank goodness for the PA site. I hope you get some joy from your doctor. I personally am thinking of ordering online as my doc will only prescribe antidepressants, not more frequent jabs. Good luck!

  • Hi Amanda,

    Firstly welcome here! If you are not doing well on your current treatment (which you obviously are not) then you should go to GP and get blood tests to see if other things such as folate and or iron def are now playing a part, as its not uncommon to become folate def etc, after B12 treatment has started. There are many that do not cope with the standard treatment of once every 3 months B12, one size does not fit all so hoping you have a cooperative GP that will be open to treating the individual to their needs. It helps to get cooperation for self injecting from GP (tell them it will save NHS loads of money etc) and to have some monitoring, mind you I expect you have regular bloods monitored for thyroid?

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  • Hope you have a GP that listens.

    In terms of getting more frequent injections the NICE guidelines may help as you seem to have neurological symptoms - the pins and needles - and the guidelines are for shots every 2 months (8weeks) if you have neurological symptoms - though even that isn't nearly enough for some of us - myself very much included.

  • Thanks guys for the welcome I have bought injection from Germany and they are stored in my Fridge for emergency but I think I need to give the doctors a go first and see if they are not all bad as my Nurse in the practice seems to think they'll listen to me but just in case I have a fall back plan

  • Hope you get support and help from your surgery, I think you are doing the right thing, first give them a chance to help you before you help your self, I did the same, and got some help as in I learnt how to self inject with support of GP. Marre.

  • Well they starting to listen to me and upped my injection to every 10 weeks but found to be deficient in Vitamin D now

  • Good news. Seems you may have mal absorption problems if you no are also vit D def. Seeing a gastro can help to find if there is a reason for these vitamin deficiencies, bad absorption of vitamins. Could be low stomach acid etc. Has serum Ferritine (= iron storage) been tested recently, is it OK? Folate OK?

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