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Hi, Thank you all for replying. I do understand the difference of the H1/H2.

I went to see a nutritionist as soon as I was diagnosed with PA, the first thing she told me to do was to stop taking any antacids, I did take a few Rennies etc, but not an awful lot. She also told me to stop eating refined sugar, now this is the interesting bit, since I have stopped the sugar, I haven't needed the Rennies and I have near enough stopped all the sneezing, so consequently I hardly take any antihistamines at all now. This is where the candida connection I mentioned might come in, as I have read there is a link with Candida and B12 deficiency that. I would think that I have/had a very unhealthy gut, which may well have been a precursor to me developing PA.

I am seeing my GP next week and want to ask to see a specialist and have a decent talk about my condition. I the meantime I will continue with some research into these cannot do you any good taking them forever! If anyone finds anything out I'd be grateful if you'd let me know...I will do the same. Hope you are all feeling ok out there. Rita

Bear with me, I am new and don't know if I should be posting or replying?! :-)

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