BMJ Vitamin B12 Deficiency by Hunt


I haven't got the direct link and don't want to upset the powers that be in the BMJ by posting it anyway, but if you want to see the full of the recent BMJ article that is causing a stir, tap in the title of this thread to your search engine. It should pull up the article on the first page which is from the cmim - I suggest you not only save it but print it out - these things have a nasty habit of disappearing.

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  • Thanks Poppet - very useful link. Have bookmarked.

  • Don't just bookmark it, download and save the pdf.

  • You have to, because these things about b12 are disappearing.

    I'm still gutted that the Murphy and Minot film from the 1920s of the original patients seems to have gone AWOL.

    Mind you, I did get someone to download it for me before it went!

    And I can't seem to get into the CME section of the article anymore either - it's a sign-in job only.

    My, my, some people do appear to be getting edgy - could it possibly be that because doctors are going on there and basically asking what the hell is going on, the powers that be don't want Joe Public to know?

  • I downloaded a copy of that video too, at least I presume we are talking about the same one. This one:

  • That's the one!

    Is it still up on the bloodjournal link? I've been in loads of times and the download section isn't there.

    Brillant for showing people what happens.

    I like that you downloaded it too - great minds, and all that!

  • Engels - How the hell did you get that link up there????

  • Copy and paste?

  • Yes, but from where???

    When I go to the original page now the page is there but the film isn't. There's no link to it. It used to be on the right hand side. Your link opens the film directly for me - so there's no link in the film.

    I still think it's the best bit of info we have on the damage which can happen though. Brilliant stuff!

  • I can't remember. It was two weeks ago and my short term memory isn't what it was. I'll have a look later today and work out how I found it.

    The video is in .mov format which is an Apple format so should play on all Apple devices but may cause problems on Windows and Android. Windows Media Player seems to have difficulty with .mov files so Windows users will probably need something like VLC Media Player or Apple Quicktime (both free downloads). On my Android phone I use Wondershare Player but other apps are available.

  • Look. I do B12, I don't do technical;-)

    Although I have got VLC (I think) which I downloaded especially to play that film originally.

    But I haven't been able to find it online for long enough.

  • This is the Blood Journal page with a link to the video:

  • Thanks a lot for that, Engels.

    I was getting a page up like that but with no link.

    They have changed the page layout since the first time I saw it though.

  • By the way - I discovered the link was on the figures page and not on the page I was looking at!

  • Thanks all - am trying to work out how to do this on IPad.

  • I was lucky enough to get a PDF of this in its entirety, which I printed out - they always seem to go AWOL. One of the things I've found consistently infuriating with researching both Trigeminal Neuralgia and B12 deficiency is that you often get nothing but the title of a piece, and the abstract if you are really lucky. When you go traipsing off to find it on some other promised site you discover it will cost you $39.95 just to read it or, worse, $312 for a subscription, and they wonder why medical research is so poor in these areas. Perhaps if they weren't so greedy, and were more concerned with an exchange of ideas, there would be more progress in the field of medicine.

  • Greedy buggers, aren't they???

  • Thanks for the very useful link. I too, suggest that you save the documents on B12 Deficiency by Hunt, an excellent informative read. I now realize that B12 levels are depleted/lowered when someone takes Metformin & PPI (acid blockers). My spouse is on PPI's.

  • Oh you norty thing you! ;-)

    Except, I think you might mean D Harrington or A Hunt - so I'm not quite sure what you shouldn't have said about who...

    If you get my drift...

    A clarification on who we shouldn't contact would be nice.

  • Oh, I'm going to reply to myself here, because you did say 'he'. Tis D Harrington I feel certain.

  • You need more b12, you do!

    I think the BMJ restrict the usage for a year of the full unless you join so anything has to be for personal use.

    That's why I didn't want to put up the link to the PDF.

    At least the PDF is up there at the moment so we can see what is going on.

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