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Working life and B12 Deficiency

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has had to cut down on their working hours at all? I was diagnosed in the summer and I am finding even after my injection that by the time Thursday/Friday comes I am exhausted. I am seriously thinking of asking if I can cut my hours slightly. I don't do a physical job and I am not work shy by any means but your opinions/advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you

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If you can then do so, other issues such as life style do play a part, only you know what helps you and what not.

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What treatment are you having?

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I had my loading doses in August then on 3 monthly of which just had last Friday. Felt so well but then dreadful after 2 months so waiting to see if can have them more frequently. Not holding out much hope though . . . . x

Many people find they have to leave their jobs - Martyn Hooper was one. I don't know if he was signed off with the illness or just took early retirement though.

Very few people on this site actually manage on the 3 monthly injections (which is why they are here) and most don't manage on 2 monthly whether they work or not, so there is no reason why you should be able to.

How about trying for more frequent jabs and cutting down on your hours? Believe me, you won't get thanked for working yourself into an early grave!

You will find a some more info on how to convince your GP you are not the only one not doing well on the current UK B12 maintenance treatment in this topic, see:


I took early retirement as I found I couldn't cope though it was more the early morning starts - 7 am - and one split shift that seemed to knock me for six. I now use nasal drops to top up with which, if I had discovered earlier, may have helped me stay in work.


I tried to stay in work but unfortunately had to give up a few months ago. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Try cutting your hours and going for more frequent injections. As you are probably aware most of us wouldn't survive on 3 monthly injections. Wishing you good luck x

I think your first duty is to make sure you're OK – it can take a while to get back to any kind of normal, so you need to pace yourself if you can.

My work involved deadlines and time pressure – at points it felt like doing an exam, but I quite liked that – but once I started to be fuzzy-headed it got terrifying, as I could no longer guarantee to deliver. As I got better it became easier again, but I was devoting all my energy to making sure I was OK for work and had no life beyond it.

For the last few months I've not been working, for non-medical reasons, and am rediscovering my social life and all the normal things I'd not kept up with. I'm now trying to move sideways into something less stressy and based at home.

Thank you all for your help and advice. I should hear this week if I can have more frequent injections. Failing that I am thinking of changing to a different GP Practice, my thinking is I have nothing to lose. Once I know where I am I am going to look at maybe dropping a day from my working week so can rest mid week.

Thanks again you've all been a great help as always so nice to speak to people who understand xxx

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