End of week blues

Hi I am in the middle of my first lot of injections so not expecting to be feeling better just yet. I have however noticed there is a pattern in my "down days" it seems I feel worse as the week goes on. My worst days are Thursday and Friday which I can only put down to tiredness. I wonder does anyone else feel like this when their levels are low?

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  • Been a while since levels were low - mainly because I supplement quite heavily because life is just awful when my levels are low.

    Really sorry that you are feeling a bit blue and hope that having energy from the shots helps you get out of the cycle.

    It's also being a very long time since I worked a full week - do 4 days with Wednesday as my day off - so probably manage to recharge my batteries a little. Having said that though I did do a full week a couple of months ago and it was real hell by the end.

  • Thank you for that. I had a dreadful night last night and feel so sorry for my family they must be so sick of me. It did get me thinking about this pattern I felt it coming over me from Wednesday night. Maybe I should take myself off upstairs out their way on these days give them some peace! Really weird how my moods are so affected even the smallest thing seems so major on these days.

  • Sorry to hear that - I certainly find that I cope a lot better with stress if my B12 levels are high so don't think it is really that strange. When you are tired the slightest thing is going to tip you over the edge - hope that your family are understanding and that you feel better soon ... and manage to find another way of supplementing that suits you if the injections aren't enough.

  • Thank you so much for your advice. They are pretty good really and we nearly always find a way of laughing about my "outbursts" once I've calmed down :-)

    I start my second week of injections today and I am taking B12 tablets too thought better too much than not enough so hoping I will start to feel effects soon.

    Thanks again xx

  • I inject once every 2 weeks now (mixture of hydroxo and cyano), but get tired after day 10, know I'm better if I inject once every 10 days, but it becomes such a hassle to remember when I did it last, and every week is fine to stop being tired, but I just do not want to inject more than is necessary, so once every 2 weeks suits, but I know I will have 3 off days. If I have a busy time with family and friends staying or going on holls etc I will inject more frequently (always with a 5mg folic acid tab on injection day and multi vit daily now with iron) and it does help me to keep up then. I'm afraid the I'm tired is a sad thing your family has to get used to, I remember my kids responding in you are always tired, which is not the case, but then I will not be saying I feel wonderful when I'm well, I just get on and do what ever then.

  • Thanks Marre that makes so much sense. I find this forum so helpful as nobody seems to know much at all about B12 deficency/PA or even understands. I have asked my husband to read up on it several times and he has yet to do so. Bless him he is so kind and patient but always blames my mood on my hormones! I am starting my second week of injections today so fingers crossed they will "kick in" soon. Good news is I think I can bypass my GP for treatment (well hoping so) as my nurse told me last week once this week over to come back in 12 weeks for my next injection. Think I will keep quiet and just go.

    Another strange thing my GP had told me to arrange a blood test on Friday which is my last injection day, the nurse said that is not right as my levels will be higher anyway due to the injections. She said just for me to get it done when I go back in 12 weeks to see if mantaining levels. She is so nice and seems to know more than my doctor. How bizarre!!

    Why are Mondays such a long day???? :-) xxx

  • Yep I found the nurses knew much more about PA and were very supportive, also in teaching me how to self inject. My hubby is still weird as in he will say just have an injection when I'm not happy to do something, as if that will solve all, and as if its the same as taking a Panadol. He is a sweetie realy, used to call it my V 12 as in engine power..and ask me when my next one was due as he was tired of the mistakes happening at home, you know supper to early, table laid for to many people, dishcloth in the fridge and keys lost..

  • Arr bless him. Pleased you said that I'm same at home and the amount of times I start a sentence only to forget what I'm trying to say or getting peoples names mixed up. Thought I was turning into my mum!

  • How frequently are you having injections and which form of B12 are they?

  • Are you asking lal2502 ?

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