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Foot problems/nerve damage?

I have PA and thyroid problems. My concern at the moment is my feet. I have spoken to my doctor regarding the problem and she said it was Raynauds. On both feet I have 2 toes that feel odd, not numb but not normal. This causes me to walk with difficulty sometimes. Is this Raynauds? I have asked for my injections to be every two months and I am hoping that this will help.

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Hi Lupin,

I would not know if you have reynauds, but PA can give you weird feet sensations, I still have one toe that feels as if it is missing on my right foot, and when very tired feet can feel as if they are made of cotton wool, or wet, or lumps of wood. To get a diagnosis of neurological involvement, caused by PA, a neurologist would be best to see, if no joy with GP. There seem to be more here with Reynauds, see this topic:


I too have problems with my feet - can't really feel anything properly when B12 levels are low - makes balance really difficult. Thought I was condemned to a life hobbling around in trainers until I managed to find a way of maintaining high levels of B12. It is my left foot that is particularly affected ... and it took me a long time (18 mths) to figure out that it was B12 that was the problem rather than the aftermath of a broken ankle.


I, like you, have all 3 conditions. I can't definitely say it's not Reynauds, but I can tell you that when my circulation is compromised I feel numb, but when I soak my feet/hands in warm water and the circulation speeds up the numbness goes away. The symptoms from Raynauds aren't always present. I was just diagnosed with PA a month ago and I can tell you that the numbness/tingling from the PA is much different. From what I have learned, the numbness from PA is caused from subacute spinal degeneration. Might be time to see a neurologist. Good luck!


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