Quick Poll, yes or no?

Quick Poll, yes or no?

I read an interesting article today,which lead to others, and then my brain gave up :-)

But I thought I would ask:

How many of you with Pernicious Anemia are of a Rh- (Rhesus negative) Blood type????

This can be





The reason I ask, is that there have been a number of studies, funded by the rhesus negative association I must add, that show a link between Rh- blood groups and autoimmune diseases.

However they have not focused on one single disease, so I do not think that docs take this seriously.

If there were a link, surely that would mean docs could screen us -ve's annually - or do they know there is a link and feel it is not cost effective to catch us before we fall off a health cliff, and wait to treat us untill we are really ill on purpose?

so - yes or no - are you a pernicious anemia sufferer with Rh- blood type?

inquiring minds need to know :-)

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  • Yes, I am B neg. I have PA and an interactive thyroid.

  • I'm B+!

  • Yes, I have PA and I am 25th. Neg.

  • I am AB rh+

  • O negative

  • Yes I am o neg with pa and under active thyroid

  • I'm O pos with PA

  • Interesting - seems like a good mix of both positive and negative rhesus factors - no clear winner yet.... :-)

  • I am O negative PA +Hyperthyroidism

  • did you know only 7% of the population are O negative :-)

  • No I wasn't aware of that.

  • yes A neg and pa and under active thyroid

  • I'm O neg with PA.

  • I think I am 0 neg, with PA, am sure about the neg bit. Same sort of poll here so you can see what previous people answered, see:




  • Yes I`m negative but not sure which blood type - I tested negative for intrinsic factor and B12 level of 71 - am now self injecting weekly. Interesting theory -

  • Yes, B- .

  • I am A- and currently pregnant. Doctor told me yesterday that I'm anemic so I started looking into different types and PA is EXTREMELY accurate in describing what I've been going through. I do think that there is a link.

  • Yes. I am B- . At 37, I have extensively low B12 with injections, and have Vit D deficiencies. My mother is also B- with B12 def and acquired AML. I'm wondering if there is a correlation.

  • Yepp, I'm A- and have just fond out that I have a b12 problem. I also have other autoimune problems.

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