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Active B12 Result


I have just got my Active B12 result back from Blue Horizon, test was taken 25th Feb.

level 69 range 25.1 - 165.0

12th Feb. My serum level was 394 range 180.00 - 1130.00

I am also hypothyroid and taking levothyroxine.

I have recently developed pins and needles, tingling and a pricking sensations mainly in hands, feet and face but sometimes it is all over my body.

Blue horizon states on report in 'Result in range' but could anyone please comment on the level.

Many thanks browny

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Hi I know how you feel. My daughter had the active B12 test done and it came back within range at 91. We were rather surprised and disappointed to not get the evidence we were hoping for. However before we got the results she started taking B12 (methylcobalamin patches) and noticed that it made a significant difference to her periods what had been heavy for months. She also found that her asthma improved and she had reduced her levothyroxine dose from 75mcg to 50mcg.



Many thanks for your reply, so glad to hear the B12 patches are helping your daughter.

I was also supplementing last year but stopped to have the active test which came back at 107in December, and had it redone last week and came back at 69 so obviously my B12 is going down.

I shall start supplementing again to in the hope I feel better.

I hope your daughter continues to improve.

Just a thought has she had her iron ferritin and folate tested as she could be low on these with having the heavy periods. Also Vit D as a lot of people are deficient in this.

Best Wishes browny


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