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Constipation and Parkinsons

As long as I have 2 to 3 fresh kiwi fruit first thing in the morning and at least 1/2 hour before breakfast and preferably 1/2 hour before my first meds of the day, I stay a regular as clockwork. I haven't found that having the kiwifruit interferes with my MADOPAR very much at all, but I try to have it 1/2 hour before my first meds just in case.

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I get my exercise by attending at U-Kinetics. They design a programme especially for you. I do about 6 minutes on the bicycle and then leg press followed exercise on an arm puling machine. Then there are floor exercises. The whole visit takes only about 35 - 40 minutes and I go 3 times per week. I also walk my dog - not every day!! I use a walker.


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