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How has Parkinsons effected your life?

Last night while I was celebrating Christmas with extended relatives I was asked this question. I had to think for a moment...diagnosed in March of 2010...I feel pretty lucky. No tremors just slowness which is agrivating but I can deal with it. I didn't send out Christmas cards this year because it is so hard to write or do much decorating outside my house, didn't feel I needed to be on a ladder. I am still able to work as a scrub tech in surgery, I do get extremely tired and it takes twice as much energy to do my job but my co-workers are great and help me when I need it. Took a vacation in Cozumel last October and swam with the dolphins which was amazing. If it has changed my life "P" has taught me to appreciate the little things, not stress over what I can't get accomplished in a day and to let myself relax if that is what I need. I also made the decision to enjoy life and take a great vacation at least twice a year while I can. So if "P" has changed my life it is actually for the better because I have learned to ENJOY LIFE and take it one day at a time.

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Exactly! Enjoy life and take it one day at a time! Thank you for this positive message. We should all remember this whether we have PD or not.


Well written and strikes a chord with my attempts to overcome difficult times. I might not be successful but I will give every day trying to do my best, and that counts. We are human, and we never know what the day will bring us, but we can feel satisfied that we start it with positive intentions.


Thankyou...I am not saying that I never get frustrated or feel sorry for myself but thankfully is is short lived and I am able to see the good in my life which really helps me get through the day.


Nice post.

I too have to think for many moments b/f answering.



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