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Call to arms - the super blog

I have finished replying to an earlier blog "slipping" and it occurred to me that we are still fighting in isolation, Nobody feels how we feel at any given moment, not even fellow pwps.

We are whispering when we should be shouting, a super blog that reverberates around the world. All the hopes and fears of our brothers and sisters in health should never be in isolation it should be talked about in coffee shops, it should be shouted about in bars, it should be part of your good mornings and it should be part of your good nights.

Take care gentle readers and think on this, yours in heart.


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Like the noisiest and most demanding chick in the nest gets the most food. The trouble is that there are so many competing interests and for many PD is liable to be filtered out and pushed to the botom of the in tray of life's priorities


Blow wind and crack your cheeks


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