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As many of the old hands here know, last year we ran nearly 50 polls on this website. And as many of you also know, the information we gleaned from these polls has fed into our webinar series as well as being presented to the Parkinson's scientific community with success.

Being the actual opinions of patients rather than a neurologist's guess makes the data all the more strong and authoritative. Make no mistake -- the answers that you as patients give to these polls is heard loud and clear. And we, at Parkinson's Movement, continue to tell the scientists and physicians what you, the ultimate stakeholders, actually think.

Parkinson's Movement was founded by people with Parkinson's, is run by people with Parkinson's and believes in the power of people with Parkinson's.

The World Parkinson Congress is approaching in October of this year. WPC is the premier Parkinson's meeting and occurs once every three years. It is unique because patients, scientists and clinicians all attend. And this is a place where we, as patients, can expect to be heard.

Parkinson's Movement intends to present several posters of data from these polls. This is part of our continuing mission to make the patient voice ring loud and clear in the ears of everyone who makes decisions about Parkinson's patients.

So we are running some more flash polls -- these are polls that are posted for only 24 hours. We plan to run several over the next few days and weeks. So, if you have Parkinson's, please answer the polls. Please let us know what you think. Tell us clearly and we will pass this on. If you have friends with Parkinson's, tell them to complete the polls. Tell them to tell their friends!

Together,we will let the world know!

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yes good stuff!

we need our voice to be heard

lol JIll



This is our chance - GO FOR IT!!


good job!


I agree, good job. What I would like to say though is this -- When you come our with a poll, explain it first so we know what it is about. I have seen and others too polls that make no sense whatsoever. If not explained well enough, you are going to get answers but not what you are looking for and not what we really want to say. Do not be ambigious, be straight forward. If you want a large response make the questions in a language that we can all understand, not medical mumbo jumbo. It is very important that we have a say in what is happening to us so please make your polls so that what we say can be heard and have meaning when presented to the scientific community. Thank you


but is this open for people with PSP or just PD ?


anyone who has offs


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