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Site Q: Blog vs Question -- what's the difference?

Since I started using this Parkinson's site about 2 months ago (typically several times a day), I've wondered what the difference was between the site's "Blogs" feature and the "Questions" feature.

Their submittal pages are similar, both with title, body and tags. The blog submittal also allows the upload of an image (I don't know how that comes into play) and the ability to tweet the post. They both receive nested replies. The reply submittal areas look the same.

So, how is it that image upload and convenient tweeting make one a blog and the other not a blog? I suspect that the real difference between them is their names:

- Submittal as a Question is expected to be something with at least one "?"in it. Ie, truly asking a question.

- Whereas, a blog, at least initially, is not intended to contain a question (although, it might). It's more for general conversation of some topic than focusing on an answer(s).

Is that it, or am I missing something? Perhaps blogs have longer lifetimes on the PD site's main page? But, that doesn't seem to be it.

If the real difference between them is the meaning of their names, then why not also make the image submittal and twitter posting be features of a Question submittal?

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Well I look at it like this.... The site content is all sort've static, needed a bit formal and service providing dah dah, the blog is the site in jeans, kinda dress down Friday. More personality, relaxed, informal chatty. This is the only PD site that I actually engage and only the blog. That is no reflection on them it's an indication of me. It's pretty good.


Sometimes I blog and follow up with a question, to reach out to people who might be interested.


There is an overflow between the blog section and the question section but I don't find it confusing. I think the question section is more for the polls and one sentence questions and the blog for longer stories.


Ok, this all sounds good. A Blog for longer discussions and a Questions for shorter, more focused questions. Thanks.


hi i am replying to your blog about question or non- question (3 years ago)

it is a matter of grammar as to whether you are making a statement/ or asking a question

but i am not sur e whether rthe remodelled site actually makes this distinction any more//......

lol jILL



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