I'm having a very difficult time sitting up straight. I am always leaning to the right. It is very

uncomfortable and my right side goes numb too. I've tried everything that I can think of to help myself sit up straight, but nothing seems to work. Does anybody else have this problem?

Someone told me about using Botox. Has anyone had any success using it? Please help if you can. Thanks.

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  • sorry can'tt help just say that I have the same problem Could you tell me do you write with your right hand .

    yours EXPORT .

  • I too have the same problem with not being able to sit straight and leaning to the right. I am righthanded and the tremor affects my writting every day. Would you believe that the bank have questioned my signature on cheques as it looks different to the sample they have on records! I told the bank that i have been diagnosed with Parkinson's and they have accepted this but i try and not use cheques to pay for things now.

  • Thanks. I use a debit card.

  • I think it is all just part and parcel of the complaint

  • Thanks. What's going to happen next with this PD?

  • i think old tyke is right

    i ha ve PSP and also tend ot sit/slump to the right / fall to the right / do all things to the right ( i am rihgt thanded)

    lol Jill


  • Thanks. I'm right handed also.

  • My significant other has Lewy body Dementia and he also leans to his right! He is right handed, if that has any bearing. I use a pillow in an effort to keep him sitting up straight. It appears that it is just another symptom of the disease. He is wheel chair bound now. He can with the use of his walker still transfer, but he moves real slow and has an awful time getting his legs moving. He really struggles getting into his hospital bed. I have to lift his legs up and over into the bed and then he really struggles getting into position. He sleeps on his back because he can't turn over to his sides. He has lately just been sleeping in his lift chair and I have a baby monitor that alerts me when he has to go (pee) and the urinal is provided. He is a big guy, 6'2" and weighs about 285. I have him in adult day care three days a week and he does get exercise there. I am hoping that he will improve while they have him in their program. Any one out there dealing with Lewy Body dementia? This movement disorder hits hard and is nothing like Parkinson's. It is more progressive with the delusions, double vision and so many other symptoms. Please share your knowledge as any support would be appreciated.

  • Thanks. I'm sorry that he is having such a hard time. I will try to find out about

    Lewy Body Dementia and get back to you.

  • Hi, My Dad had Lewy Body Dementia along with Parkinson's. I don't know that it is movement related. He did have some hallucinations that I thought were caused by the Sinamet.

    With the LBD he sometimes could not distinguish between what was going on on the television and what was actually in the room. He became increasing suspicious and just could not put information together properly.

    I have to say that I came to think of the dementia as a small blessing. To me, it made up about 5% of who he was, but it kept him from experiencing the full force of his PD. In other words, he kept thinking he was going to get better, instead of being present enough to realise that he was not.

    Small comfort, I know.

  • If possible for any of you suffering with this try the LSVT Therapy! I in the middle of mine and helps a lot! So sorry for your pain! Just a suggestion!



  • Thanks. It's worth a try.

  • When I was still working in an office shortly after being diagnosed, I found myself always leaning to the right in my chair. I still do it sometimes when I'm tired. I have been going to the gym a few days a week - now I don't seem to lean so much. I too am right handed and my tremors affect my left side.

  • Thanks. M tremors are mostly on my right side.

  • My husband had the same problem especially when he fell asleep in his recliner. He would actually hang over the side of the chair. Have you tried putting a pillow or rolled up towel to give added support?

  • Thanks. I tried that.

  • I was going to say try propping a pillow on the right side to help keep him straighter. if he has a power wheelchair/scooter they do make a special seat that is curved like on the sides to help to keep a person from leaning. my husband would lean so much to the right he would nearly fall out of the powerchair. also if you have a riding mower and person is using it who leans to the right please rethink allowing them to be on the mower as he also fell right off of that once and was laying on the ground next to the mower that was still running. thank god he was ok.

  • Thanks. I tried the pillow, but it doesn't seem to work. I have a power chair. Do you know where I can order the special seat ?



  • My husband insisted on using the rider and rolled over-mower and all. Luckily I was outside and my neighbor was nearby to help him get out from under it.

  • I lean to the left and am right-handed. I try to be aware of leaning and set myself back upright. My physical therpist said I should lean to the right at the waist to work those muscles.

  • Thanks. I guess I need to go back to physical therapy.

  • That's funny. I lean to the right and I'm left handed!

  • I know - I am also right-handed and find that when I'm walking I tend to run into my husband when he is walking on my right side - he uses a cane for balance & the cane is in his right-hand so I walk on his left side to keep from running into his cane! My tremors also began in the right hand but are in both hands now - if I lose my balance my body also goes to the right ...

  • Thanks for your input.

  • I also tend to lean to the right and am right handed I wonder if people sleep on the side that they lean towards? I always did, but was once advised that it is better, for everyone, to sleep on their back, with something to support the knees, like a pillow or rolled up towel. That way the body is correctly aligned, which makes sense. It took some time to get used to it, but now it's become normal, and although the leaning still happens, it hasn't got worse for a long time.

  • Thanks. I usually sleep on my back now.

  • I have had a lean to the right for almost five years. Two years ago I was diagnosed with PD. My back was x-rayed and it was found that I have a 63 degree bend in my back to the right. So being that this was therefore a bone problem and not a muscle problem, the doctor advised that therapy would not help. Before this I also had manipulative therapy for about a year. It did nothing at all in spite of all the exercises and positive thinking. Also showing that therapy will not help a bent back. Positive thinking will not bend bones. Practicing sitting up and trying to always keep pushing against it will not bend it straight. There are some people who look at me and think that I am just lazy and if I put my mind to it, I would not be leaning to one side. The same people also try to tell me that I have caused the bend myself because I slouch. I do not slouch and have never slouched until I started having this constant magnetic pull to the right. And even if I did slouch, slouching does not cause curvature of the spine. Do not allow ill-informed people to tell you what your problem is. They are the ones with the problem, not you. Come to terms with it yourself and do what you can to live with this. It is not a life-threatening condition. I use a walker and walk two miles every day. Keep moving and you will not experience the stiffness so much. One half hour a day of mild exercising like walking will do a great deal to keep all these problems associated with Parkinson's from getting worse.

  • Thank you so much for answering my question. You gave me some good advice.

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