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While i was having my dbs surgery i got a staff infection in my brain with gave me grand mal seizure in my garage I don't want to scare anyone but i wrote about my experience If you read my stories you know me pretty well by now. However I did leave a year out. During September 2009 though March of 2010 not quite a year but close. Those were the worst months of my life. My heart starts pounding faster and hand shake when I think about that time'. I don't like to do to often. I will since this blogs has helped me get a lot off my chest that has been bothering me...This day haunts in my dreams or should I say nightmares till today.

. During the month of November, I scheduled my self for a deep brain stimulation to help with the Parkinson . DBS (deep brain stimulation) is a surgery that takes about a month two operations going into your brain and one to hook up the battery pack with about 2 weeks in between each surgery. On a whim one after I was driving my kids home and saw a physic fair .. I always loved that stuff so, I stopped in and got a reading. It was pretty normal stuff until the card reading came. The Physic was doing her thing with the tarot cards When the death card came up..I was going in for surgery in a few weeks, I was not wanting to see this. but she explain it was necessary a bad thing it most likely meant a death for one life style change to another or something like that. This eased my nerves a little ..

The day of my first surgery came up and if you don know what DBS surgery is, goggle it .. Its not a pleasant operation to say the least .your awake during the whole process .. They put this steel halo around your head and bolt it into your skull as tight as possible you feel the blood dripping down your face, then cut in to your scalp and start drilling in to your skull to your brain you hear and smell the grinding, the pressure is intense then place the electrodes deep in your brain.. Not a fun day especially while awake. The first surgery went well no problems. I was out of the hospital in two or 3 days. The second one however not so good everything seem good at first but after I got home my head swelled, and had massive headache . I went back to the hospital for a few more days. . After loads of pain-killers the doctor said it was due to spinal fluid, it wasn't . It was a staff infection in my brain. So home I went with a bunch of pain killers , I was home feeling ok, I guess, I really dont remember too much around this time and what I do remember, I wish I could forget. I remember going outside to go through some boxes I had in the garage when I started sweating and feeling very tired. Lucky at the time came out in the garage and says I wasnt looking well to come in. I agreed. she help me up and before we got inside my legs started shaking uncontrollably then my hands and arms. then my head and then the world .. Like an old black and white tv, those of you that are over forty might remember. When you turned it off the picture goes to a little white dot. Well that's what I saw. Only my white dot wasn't heaven. The next thing I remember , I was in a cave like an old mine and these creatures come out of no where grab me and strapped me down on a flat cold steel railroad cart face first . The cart start going down the tracks going faster and faster through this cave like a roller coaster and while I am going down the track There are demons like creatures screaming cheering like i was a prized gift and throwing bucks of water in my face, So much so I am choking on it. I can't talk , I can't scream, I can't breath this ride never stops . Until, I wake up in the emergency room to a nurse putting in a catheter. which is hell in it self. The first words I remember hearing was , Jesus. Steve, we thought we lost you for a second there. I couldn't say anything at the time. except give a little smile and hand wave-like an injured football player coming off the field to my family. I spent the next several days in and out of sleep, they removed the infected simulator. Believe me there is'nt much more to be affaid of after that.

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When DBS was first suggested by our neurologist, we immediately made the appointment to see the brain surgeon. We met with a team of doctors at the university who were very helpful in answering our questions. All the uncertainty about the outcome of the surgery made us decide against proceeding and to just continuing with oral medications. Several years later, we were recommended to see another brain surgeon. Again, the uncertainty of the outcome and the time that healing would take away from playing with grandchildren played a great part in our decision to avoid DBS. We now are more careful with diet (protein interaction) and try to stay on schedule with the treadmill that lives in our living room (where we used to display our large Christmas tree). My husband was diagnosed at 47, and just recently celebrated his 66th birthday with family and friends. We continue to travel and enjoy babysitting the grandkids as often as we are needed.


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