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My Little Moan

I read about people who go mountain climbing and on cruises in support of PD and I think about how fortunate they are. I am aware that these are things that I'll never be able to do. I'm unemployed. I want to work but something inside of my head isn't cooperating. My goals have been tampered with. i no longer expect to be employed. My wife works but we don't have any healthcare Insurance. We pay our medical bills out of pocket. I wonder about The Future. Will we be able to do this for ever? When I think about the Mood of the Anti Government Lobby I wonder IF there will be anything like Medicare down The Road. People without PD have the same problems as we do. The well being of millions of people are in jeopardy. What are they thinking?

These are The Parkinson's Nuisances i think about as i lie awake in the early morning. My little moan.

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I, too, at times wonder what the future will be. Will there still be Medicare as I age? I see what this disease is doing to me and right now I'm lucky to have disability, medicare and state medicaid, but I worry about what my children will face as they age. Back when I was in my 30's buying a house wasn't so out of reach. Today, my children are bringing up their children in apartment living and I live with my daughter and her family. She is truly a blessing because she told me to live with her so she can help me with things I no longer can do for myself. When I hear about possible cuts to medicare, I feel downright scared. Your question is a good one - What are they thinking?


I was denied Disability because I didn't have enough work credits. Why? I was a "Mr Mom". There is no way to Appeal.


So sorry to hear that, as if mothering wasn't work. I have a friend who went through the same thing and there is no way to appeal it and no lawyer will even try to appeal it. Sad. Mothering, whether by mother or father, is one of the most important jobs, most demanding jobs ever....even more than being President of the US! Mothering is helping shape what the future will be for humanity. It needs to be recognied for what it is and not so prejudiced against. IMHO.


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