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Thanksgiving Greetings


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another.What you too?. Thought I was the only one

Connecting with fellow travelers on our journey with Parkinson disease gives us reason to believe that we can preserve through good times and bad happy days and sad and still achieve many amazing things.How well we meet life’s unexpected challenges and make the journey easier for others is the real measure of our values as people

I’m thinking of you this morning wherever you are and of the difference you ‘re making.You might think you should do something bigger better.

But lean in and listen close.The best thing you can offer this world is you and that’s what you are doing just putting messy glorious,imperfect things in your home your family,your office,your community,your world.W’ed miss you if you weren’t there. So keep it up my friend. Keep giving and living right where you are, it matters more than you know, more than you see

You have a defender who knows your name who fights on your behalf who protects your heart. He surrounds you with Love fortifies you with favor keeps you in his care

On this Thanksgiving Day as on all other days my wife and I wish you good health good friends many prayers and unconditional Love

Ronald Rodrigues

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Thanks,you've made my day!


Thanks Ron. Same to you and yours.

It is refreshing posts like this one that helps others to continue on and face another day one day at a time.

Thanks you very much

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