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speech, voice and loss of sense of taste


Does any one have problem with their voice? I don't mean volume, I mean the feeling of hoarseness and straining, like something's gripping my throat. I don't have any problem with volume, just vocal quality. I am going to be starting LSVT but I feel my problem is different. I used to have a nice speaking voice, but now it feels tight and strained. Also, anyone else lose their sense of taste as a result of PD?

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Did you lose your sense of smell as you were losing your sense of taste? They often go together and Anosmia is one of the earliest symptoms of PD. I also have voice problems, but the symptoms you describe are different than mine. Good luck in finding the answers you seek.

My sense of smell seems to be intact. The loss of taste is my main problem. I know that they usually go together..

Thanks for your feedback.

hunnypot in reply to ronn

I seem to have the oppisite probem . my voice seems to get softer as i talk. i have a problem of drooling. i didn't realized that my sense of taste and smell were symptoms of PD. does this happen gradually? i ask because there are times i can stil taste something or smell something really strong.

hi jane

i too have lost my sense fo taste adn smell many years ago really sinusitis then nwo PSP RO PD.?

and myh voice is nto good eitHer

i tried the LSVT but did nto realise the significance and importance of it until it was too late

(i did it on my own iwth a neighbour in fact )

lol jill


I have lost the clarity of speech that i had. I samg in a choir when younger and im an english teacher so prided myself on my clear accent. Now i find if i dont do my 5 Aaaaarhs a day i lose volume. Being in spain this winter has been good for health weatherwise, but bad as I dont speak spanish or catalan and have no friends to talk to. I read aloud, sing to myself and try to talk to people in shops and cafes!.

I have also lost much of my sense of smell and taste. My voice also deteriorated. I used to belong to a choir and was a soloist. Also, I did the LSVT course - this was eleven years ago. I still benefit from this as far as speech is concerned, although my singing voice is certainly not what it was, but, heigh ho!, I'm no spring chicken either and I had a good run for my money.

What does irritate me is that, quite suddenly, my mouth will dry up completely - absolutely no moisture, and then I find it very difficult to talk clearly. Any solutions?

judam9 in reply to esrob

mine does also esrob. i couldn't talk when my mouth and throat are totlaly dry.

but what i do , to counteract the problem is have a lemon drop in my mouth , to keep some moisture there. and it helps a lot, which does make it harder to understand me, but if i keep my mouth closed , i find that the saliva does come back. of course you can't talk with your mouth shut. maybe that's a good thing.

All very good answers; so I am DITO to all for over 2 1/2 yrs.

Good Luck to all;


I have dealt with PD for 10 years and for the last five at least my voice has ben failing as you describe. I sound like Michael Bolton singing! (if you get my weird sense if humor)

I;m sure LSVT will help . Also check out Alexander Technique.

I have the exact same problem with my speech. People ask if it hurts and it doesn't but it's almost like a choking feeling. Did LSVT and it helps. Havebeen bad about my practicing since but there is still improvement. I'd love to keep hearing from you since very few people talk about this feeling in their voice. You are welcome to email me directly at kkamegranny@tampabay.rr.com Please let me know what you think of the LSVT.. It's a lot of work but I did fine it helped!

I lost my sense of smell at least eight years before my diagnosis. Research shows that it is one of the first signs of PD...way before you even get tremors. I also have a really hard time with "Dry Mouth". I lose all my saliva and find it very hard to talk. I took am LSVT class and found that it helped. I must be more disciplined and practice every day. Any body have suggestions for the dry mouth?

rideabike in reply to Maria29

Check the pharmacy for Biotin in a spray or mouthwash. I put the mouthwash in a small spray bottle and it really helps to prevent dryness. I'm in BC, Canada

My voice gets lower and deeper at times. The doctor suggested perhaps seeing a speech

therapist, but my daughter is speech pathologist and will soon be moving into our area. so,as she has helped me on visits, I will be able to see her regularly. A real plus for this

mom. She has taught me some breathing techniques which help. You could check into that. Good luck.

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