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Parkinson's Movement is preparing its next webinar on the subject of taking control, examining the different ways in which people take control of their illness rather than let their illness dominate them. This can be in major ways (life management changes) or in small ways (walking to the corner shop instead of driving) for instance.

So we thought it might be interesting to have some video 'postcards' showing your own thoughts. And we will include these in the webinar broadcast (or as many as we can).

This is your chance to help others. If you're interested, please record a 30 to 60 second video using your web cam and e-mail it to me at

Or if you are camera shy, just record a sound file or send me an e-mail.

Space permitting, we will use the material in the video which will be broadcast on 31st January and subsequently made available online. So please be aware that the video will have a potentially global audience.

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