New Rule on My Blogs

New Rule on My Blogs

Look if your going to comment on my blogs . Please have the courage to write a little about your self and a pic of something...a least your dog or cat. If not your nobody and I cant engage on a discussion with no bodies. To provoke a discussion on a subject is the way we get thing done answers to our questions . i maybe wrong on my take on a subject. but i am not hiding be hide a blank profile. Stand up and be heard

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  • Hi name Deb or Debfrmco...i am new and getting my profile together but cannot get my pic to stay in the box lol ..sry i am working on it

  • lol geez i didnt mean to scare any one. i am no one important. i hereby declare you picture exempt.

  • Hi captsteve, you are an important person, the fact that you want to share how you feel about things on this site , and you say it direct, makes you important, so keep provoking,


  • but your not (about me) exempt. you got to put at least one sentence in there

  • Hi Capsteve hope you get my profile with this. I have had PD for 17 years now & have recently (Sept 17th) had DBS op. My main problem is anxiety which is crippling!! I try to keep positive but it is a hard road

  • new tothis so info will be coming. retired military (CW4)a was helo pilot in Nam is where I contracted PD From agent Orange diagnsed in 07 working for NPS have a good veternans day this month

  • Capt Steve took a little while but pic is now with my comments not a great one but I'm climbing in Carlsbad caves still working as Park Ranger but now in the South Dakota Badlands

  • I know how crippling the anxiety can be!!!!! i need to take 2 to 4 klonopin (???) a day at times; I dont care what I have to take I refuse to let this hold me back

  • Hi ram glad to meet a fellow vet. Sorry it took so long for me to reply

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