FIRST BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FIRST BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi i am Gary i am 31 years old i live in Dundee Scotland i dx in 2007 5 years have past countless drugs have been and gone through my system good ones, bad ones ,and the just plain illeagel ones i hit rock bottom about 3 years after dx was on nero pro patches at the time they sent me in to a clockwork orange type status from paranoidness to hyper sexual to just feckin off my head was pretty close to either getting locked up or put in the nut house thanks to my top class parents and a brillant team at ninewells hospital they got me back on track meds sorted ,well when i say sorted the best they are going to be !Apart from a freeze here a freeze there the odd shake rattle and roll things are pretty good met the girl of my dream fell in love got married a year ago in feb things are looking up !!!!!!!!!!i will keep u posted my fellow progressive nero disorder friends much love gary x

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  • Glad thingsnrmbetter. Welcome

  • Waiting for news!

  • Hi Jamo,

    Welcome to thenut house.All on board are a great bunch of Parkies who look after each outher on this site , as no doubt you will find out ,



  • Hi Jamo :-)

    A very warm welcome to you. You'll find us a friendly supportive bunch....this is an awesome community


  • Hello from the Borders :-)

  • Henderson-Heywood you look awsome love your blogs much love talented x

  • Welcome always sad when I hear how young people are on dx. My hubby dx 18yrs at 48 and some of the dreadful things you have gone through ring true in our case, but we are still here he has a very positive outlook that has seen US both through. Goodluck in your new life and relationships love does help . Take care and prosper x

  • Bless you I hope things go swinging now (not quite literally) for you and your family.

    Life can be a bugger at times.

    I wish you all the very best.

  • Wow! Now that's what I call a fantastic beginning....Congrats and welcome.

  • Hi Jamo nice to hear from you. Looking forward to further posts.

  • Good for you, You are not alone, This is a dirty illness that never gives up.

    All the best



  • hi all thanks for the kind posts !much love !Henderson-Heywood you look awsome thanks all xx

  • Hi jamo

    Welcome to,the site

    U r v young !

    Loljill :)

  • Well thank you kind Sir, looks like you are doing ok too! Hope you have a splendid Xmas and New Year! My top tip for 2013, is to Drum! Seriously !! kindest ..... C

  • to drum that sounds intresting !x

  • Good for you. Looking forward to more ! I'll add to H-H's tip. Exercise every day somehow and have fun! :D

  • You might benefit from reading some of the articles written by Michael J. Fox as he was also very young when diagnosed. I think he is to be admired as he seems to have the ability to hang in there and keep fighting. I love Dundee, my grandfather was born there and I was fortunate enough to visit Scotland a few years ago, beautiful!!

  • hi doll where about in dundee was he born ?i have read mj fox first book a lucky man the guy is a fighter !x

  • Yes, Michael J. is a fighter, he has raised a great deal of money for research. also has a very good website, don't remember the addresss but you can google him. My grandfather lived at 3 Somerville Place in Dundee, he came to the US when he was 19 (many years ago).

  • Welcome! This site has helped me so much. Everyone is supportive and cares. I hope you will find it useful, too.

  • Welcome! Enjoyed your blog! I just started the Neupro patch 3 days ago and it seems to help me. Hope I don't go looney tunes.

  • Welcome to this blog site. It's amazing and always there for me. I was diagnosed on my son's birthday at the end of October this year at the age of 55. Having contacted Parkinson's UK for as much info about Parkinson's as i want to read, i am slowly accepting that this disease is there for life but can be managed with medication. These days if i catch anyone looking at me i tell them straight that i have Parkinson's and that i am still the same person on the inside only with a few extras added. They now accept that i have problems with anxiety, tremor down my right side and general all over body stiffness. Sometimes i find that i want to say something and something totally different comes out of my mouth or i forget that i have already talked about something the day before and find that i sometimes repeat what i have said the day before. I see my neurologist next month so will have a fair amount to talk about with him. Merry Xmas everyone. Many thanks for the support that you all give me much appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Just joined on behalf of my hubby, he does not like computers. Was only dx on 14th December so we are both new to it. Just reading all comments I am Glad I took the plunge for us both. Good Luck to all for 2013 and beyond will be reading your updates and any hints every day. Thanks.

  • H I Percy parkie

    Welcome t o the site


    It is superb esp the online parties

    Lol Jill


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