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The Great American Bucket List Tour Continues

The Great American Bucket List Tour Continues

Lori and I have been in Las Cruces since October 1 and last Wednesday we decided it's time to see new things. We will be moving west down Interstate 10 to the little city of Deming, New Mexico. The county seat of Luna County, Deming has four state parks within a half hour or so radius. Migratory birds are beginning to arrive on their annual journeys south and these parks are great places to watch them pass through.

We checked out local lodging and decided on the Butterfield Stage Motel. It's an older inn, only 13 rooms. The manager is John. He and his wife have a long history with the motel. He showed Lori and I the room that will become our temporary home. It was old, but clean and very spacious with a dining area, couch big TV and king size bed. John says he has the coffee pot on every morning. What else could a guy want?

With less than 15,000 residents, Deming is not a medical mecca for someone with PD or who needs post-operative care and follow-up for the 4-vessel coronary-artery-bypass-graft. But Las Cruces is only about 60 miles away and Lori and I have already chosen primary-care-physicians in that city. I have researched cardiologists and have a couple in mind. Neurologists are a bit rarer in Las Cruces, but my PCP is steering me in the direction of one. Since my neurologist back in Indiana didn't want to see me until January 2013 and since my symptoms are doing pretty good, I'm still conducting my search.

Today, Lori and I journeyed east a bit on US Highway 70 to Aguirre Springs, a Bureau of Land Management area nestled against the Organ Mountains. We hiked some of the Pine Tree Trail, saw some birds, small mammals, a couple of lizards. There was lots of coyote scat, but ground squirrels were the biggest wild furry creatures we saw.

We hiked almost a mile of the trail before deciding to head back to the car. I was beginning to experience some balancing problems, that old "veering off to the right," I wrote about in a question on this site recently. I took the trek back down the trail slowly and deliberately and didn't suffer a fall.

White Sands Missile Range is about 10 minutes from Aguirre Springs so since I am retired from the Army, we decided to check out the post and stop by the commissary. WSMR is a beautiful base, with well-kept buildings and all the facilities any other Army post has, only not as big or as many.

Lori and I took in Las Cruces's Zombie Walk on Saturday evening. Several hundred of the areas' walking dead gathered downtown on Main Street to participate in the mile or so walk. They were judged in several categories and about ten winners received gift certificates. Around 100 zombie dancers from Las Cruces High School performed a dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" after the walk. Lori was very impressed and videod the performance.

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greatstuff lori and you

i have nto been to anywhere south fo SAN DIEGO IN CALIFORNIA (A holiday there) but i am enjoying your blgo

lol JIll



Thanks Jill Ann. Lori and I met in the spring of 2011 and were married on August 31 of that year. She is 28 years my junior, but I am convinced we were meant to be together. She has had a fairly rough life and is like a fragile flower that never bloomed. I have more medical problems than I like to admit. She is my lover, spouse, caregiver, best friend and companion and I am the same for her.

Lori is in recovery right now and is finally doing incredibly well. While this may sound unhealthy, I believe our symbiotic relationship coupled with what I am convinced, for both of us, is unconditional love, has made this odd coupling work.



the unconditionallov ebit is so right for both o fyou

i am with mhky partne rof 4 yrs but it is difficult as i have htis PSP whils the doe snto realluy accept my likitations


we all have to find our plac ein ife i know

happy travels ot youboth and may your itme together be happy

)(a rainy day in nW england)

lol JIll



Thanks for keeping us posted....."Keep enjoying life together!"



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