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Sad news


Jeff Brailey,, was a regular contributor to Health Unlocked passed on January 31, 2014 in Las Cruces, NM. Jeff had a massive heart attack on his 66th birthday, January 26.

Jeff was a 20 year Veteran in the US Army 1968-1988. He spent 2 tours in Vietnam, and had a variety of assignments, including the humanitarian effort in the Jonestown massacre.

Please pray for Jeff and his surviving family.

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Yes, I have and shall pray rremembering your request!

Dear Lord, Please look after Jeff Brailey may love be with him and his family and friends & to jonroberts who is remembering him. Rest in Peace.

I have Parkinson's and not knowing Jeff, I ask did he have Parkinson's and when was it first diagnosed?

allofatremor in reply to RoyProp

I don't feel his Parkinsons has anything to do with this post really??? My husband was diagnosed at Jeff's age, it means nothing really, we are all different regards x

RoyProp in reply to allofatremor

I am 66 yo and live in Nogal, NM. The cause of death of PWP includes stroke. The research states PWP do not die from Parkinson's, they die from stroke, choking, falls etc. and also the life expectancy may be two to sixteen years.

allofatremor in reply to RoyProp

Hi Royprop, You obviously have done a lot of research, and I don't debate that you are correct in what you are saying. Its just that I have had lots of discussions on our Parkinsons UK forum, and the PWP on there have given me no end of advice since my OH diagnosis 12 months ago.

The main thing is keeping POSITIVE and not let the Parkinsons win, easy said than done as you may say, but it does help keeping positive and a strong upper lip, plenty of exercise, good support from your loved ones.

My OH attends a private Neurologist (he is actually the main man for PUK), we did not know this at the time when we sourced him it was just a coincidence. The Neuro promised he would have my OH back to 95% himself in approx 12 months, and he has not failed him.

Yes there are still little things that are not 100% but he had a fearful tremor, which has completely gone now, he is in great form and looks 10 years younger than 12 months ago.

The cause of death of PWP includes stroke, that's the same for people PWOP, choking can be bad for PWP, but not all PWP, some PWP fall a lot some don't.

The marjority of people in general can die with the same causes even though they have not got PD. I know what your saying is PWP are more likely to suffer through these conditions, but so are the public in general but obviously on a lower scale.

My OH Neuro gave him a life expectancy of 10 years, who know's ????? we are all so different in many ways, I don't believe everything I read as much as I used to, at the end of the day its just all figures, I think its best to take each day as it comes and stay POSITIVE. regards xxx

Jocee in reply to RoyProp

Life expectancy 2 - 16 yrs? Who gave you that info? Maybe if the person is older when he/she is dx? I have had PD for about 27 yrs. Actually, longer, I think.

jonroberts in reply to RoyProp

Hello RoyProp,

How far away are you from Las Cruced? We have a Support Group that meets the third

Tuesday of every month. Next meeting Feb 18. Email me jonroberts1975@


Jon Roberts

RoyProp in reply to jonroberts

I live in Nogal. Just 30 miles north of Ruidoso. The neurologist that diagnosed me has, or had, support group in Alamogordo. I chose not to attend. I like this forum. Thank you and I appreciate your invitation.

RIP Jeff, you will be in my prayers and thoughts, god bless xxx

sorry to hear sad news. You will be in my prayers in Church on Sunday, and every day

God Bless


Thank you Jeff ~ RIP

RIP Jeff.

I am so sorry for the loss to his family, and our community. Thoughts and prayers to all.

Thoughts and prayers to the family of Jeff Brailey. RIP Jeff.

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