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PM aims to inspire, involve and engage

PM is research-focused, and interested in the latest Parkinson’s research

PM was formed by people with Parkinson’s for people with Parkinson’s

PM wants to improve life for people with Parkinson’s

PM strives to be the voice of people with Parkinson’s

PM seeks to push for more and better research into Parkinson’s

PM members are motivated people with Parkinson’s

PM members are people who want to make a difference

PM members are people with something to say

If this sounds like you, then PM needs you.

Membership is FREE and members receive:

¦“On The Move” a quarterly newsletter full of news, interviews, ideas, articles, summaries, questions and answers.

¦Priority notification of PM and CPT patient meetings and events

¦Priority Invitations to online events and webinars

¦Opportunities to shape opinion and policy through polls and surveys.

Details on how to join are at:

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I am a silly old fool I had not seen the PM movement bit at the top

and thought to myself ''eebygum'' our PM (Prime minister) is becoming compassionate

then I saw the LOGO

Another dissapointment!


i thought the same - so heres to 2 silly old fools !!


If we receive this post, don't we belong already?


CJ49 receiving this post means you are part of Health Unlocked forum site not the Parkinsons Movement site.

It can be quite confusing I think. As i understand it PM is the parent site and HU is the community arm.

It is possiblfe to spend time on the HU forum and be un aware of the activity going on in Parkinsons Movement. To keep up to date with PM you have to log on to a seperate site. You can do this through a google search or through a link on here. The link is found by tapping on the PM logo.

Just to confuse you further PM is under the organisation Cure Parkinsons Trust which has yet another and separate web site.

Hope you can following all that ok.!


Just checked.

To access the Parkinson's Movement page go to home page then at top right under logo click on visit our web site.

Hope you enjoy visiting the PM site. Again i think it takes a while to find your way around and uncover some of the gems i think are there. In particular i like checking out the videos. Many are made by a wonderful Scandinavian film maker who also has Parkinsons. That is the great thing about PM - it is all done by People With Parkinsons.

The day to day stuff on the PM site is now mostly the work of Jon Stamford who has Parkinsons. I sometimes think he must be superman in disguise, certainly he is multi- talented.

Finally, you can visit PM site anytime but it is worth joining as well to receive the newsletter etc. Latest one just out.

I also notice there is a webinair coming up in a couple of weeks. Could be interesting.

I note oldtykes experience below. PM is a safe site, if you get that warning from your anti virus protection i would click allow.


Apparently I am in the group and did not remember enrolling

but one thing I noticed when I clicked on the link is my anti virus came up with Risky connection blocked!

I wonder what that is about?


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