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Am I tired? I am tired!

I feel good, I feel awful, I feel abandoned, I feel crowded,

I can't stop moving especially when I freeze.

Who the heck invented this lovely Disease?

I can't think, I can't stop thinking

I can't see because my eyes are blinking!

I can't sleep, I can't wake up

I can't stand living in this stormy cup

How about you? are you Blue? Bored? and/or Belligerent?

I feel sick, I feel well

feels like I'm living in a Bloody cell

I live in paradise, but wake in Hell

It takes me a hour to take a shower

I can't do the math to take a bath...!!

If 1+1 = 2, Then 1+1+1 = means you could too.

I'd stop and give up if I could, you?

Just can't stop, shaking

aching, heartbreaking, no mistaking

This is my Life, my Strife, my Wife and my Knife

My razorsharp Karma?

In the garage at 3 am

trying to open a bottle

45 minutes later I'm drinking juice.

With my fingers on the Throttle

Easy stuff!

My love and best wishes to all of us Parkies, we deserve better

I know I know! just suck it up and go

If Mikey J can so can I....


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Hi, I agree, this is one hell of a price of sh??t for us all have been dealt. It's degrading, embarrassing, humiliating and insulting to us all day in day out. But I personally can still find lots of joy in my life and have (today) decided to focus on this. Life is good, but everyone, with or without Parkinson's only gets one crack of the whip. I will continue to fight this demon - it will not and should not beat any of us! Be strong x

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I love your poem, or just the way you put your words together. I believe that there is nothing wrong with acknowledging when you have a bad day, it's better than holding it inside.Also a normal person without PD has bad days too. If you are having a bad day..then feel sorry for your self, but set a time limit. Like I am going to sit here and be angry about what live has handed me. I will allow myself 10 mins, then I will get on with my day. But, don't let it suck up your whole day. We don't know how many days we have left, don't waste them.

Live, Love, Laugh




thank you so much for your kind comments, Precious. I don't cry as much anymore, I used to feel sorry for myself, still do, for all the things I've lost. Now I try and focus on the positives, TRY being the operative word. I exercise, meditate, medicate, vitaminate, cogitate and celebrate every day...

Keep up the good work... that's whatt my body says.

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Thanks for the early morning smile..




I know Jo when I was healthy (?) I was always complaining, didn't even realize it, always seeing life on the gloomy side, addicted to drama. Now that I have this damned disease, I live more in the moment. I have to pay attention or I'll topple over and break something (else). :D

You write well! It's not easy. thanks


I know exactly what you mean. My life has become an ever increasing attempt to avoid embarassments, But my love goes on...


You said it perfectly!


Thank you, I wish I didn't know what I mean! LOL


Agree with all comments.


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