A Night on the Tiles

A Night on the tiles

Using the theatre of your mind as we Parkies are good at Picture this

Wednesday night around 9pm feel sick and have severe chest pains not been good for over a week sick slurring speech falling down and freezing ,just the norm I here one say, however this was different , my meds have been changed , from sinimet to Stalevo, ,is this change causing the pains or sickness , suppose in time ill find out any way back to Wednesday night, as usual no sleep for parkie Alan, woke at 2am , went to the loo and yes hit the tiles and through up down the big china telephone , now am not one who can spew up in silence , I sound like a dying elephant, woke Laraine up , said sorry , and went about my usual night time routine haunting the house in darkness listening to some sum music, did not do too much work during the day as feeling like some one with a hangover ( I for one have never suffered from a hangover) so as its the Mid Week Weekend and we meet some friends in Glasgow for a light refreshment I went along with LA still not feeling good , as night progressed started to feel really bad , Parkie had taken over and NO I was not drinking just in case you think I was any way walked in to a few walls on the way to the toilet , totaly dissoriantaed not drunk as some thing as I staggered passed them , I could just make out some people shaking there heads as I passed , sick some more , La managed to get me back to our table where our friends were by this time I was totally in the Parkie zone, you know the 100yrds stare and all that , so La decided it was time to go , it toke about 30 mins to shuffle to where our car was , helped in to back of car Laraine driving I asked her to stop after about 15 mins , you guess it sick all over the motorway,

You may just be thinking hurry up with the story,

Well got home sat down and now I was getting sever chest pains , never in my life have I experienced pains like this, must be indigestion I thought , alas no , about 10pm sick as a dog once more , by this time Laraine was abit concerd, but no I insisted I was ok , then the colour just drained from my face and I started to sweat , pain is now un bare adle , La called NHS 24 who immediately called the Ambulance , am now in a serious state, ( this is it I thought my T is oot as they say )

Ambulance arrived in about 15mins Blues and twos , first in was paramedic who arrived on motor bike closely followed my an ambulance , after having a look at me done a tracing of my heart, ten an other as I was shaking the heart traces were all over the place, so I tried to stay as still as I could for the 3rd test , both paramedics looked at each outer and phoned a specialist unit who in turn asked them to sent tracing s via phone to the so a cardiologist could have a look, what seamed to me as a long time but was probably 2 mins I am strapped to a chair and I the back of ambulance , morphine and anti sickness stuff was pumped through my veins , was sick all over a paramedic , Her fault for getting too close , entinox was offered again sick , was admitted to hospital for 3 days , now back home with yet more meds to take on top of my PD Stuff, will this ever end

Ps Now suffer from Ingina

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  • What a saga! Thank you for sharing it. I am glad you are still above ground alsh59. The joy of chronic illness. NOT.

    My fav bits - "I sound like a dying elephant" and "was sick all over a paramedic, her fault for getting too close". Horrible but spot on mate.

    Was it determined what caused your Angina? Medication induced (recent change in Rxs) and or coronary heart disease?

    Be certain to know what type of Angina you have : stable, unstable, variant (Prinzmetal's), and microvascular. Different symptoms with different treatments with different diets too.

    Big hug to both you and your wife Laraine. Meds for the meds. Ugh.

    Take care of yourself. Carry on strong.

  • Hi, Thanks.

    it got funnier later on , i put a video up on youtube on sat as it was too funny to keep to my self

    its parkinsons alan

    have a look and make your own mind up , there is also a few outher videos of when i am off


  • Hi Alsh59, I just posted a question about Stalevo, in our Pd group Enfield. I know that the Stalevo meds have caused problems, one of my Pd friends had to be taken of Stalevo due to heart scares.

  • Hi Danny,

    seen your question and it very interesting , will just have to wait.

    Take care

    Oh how are you enjoing the SPL now that Rangers are oot as they say


  • How horrible! Did your doctor have you switch from Sinimet to Stalevo? I hope you are not taking the Stalevo with the Sinimet; if that is the case you are way over medicated. I had a similar experience with a dopamine agonist, but not nearly as severe.I was titrating up and my pharmacist did not verbally inform me that I had the new strength, so I thought I was taking 3 mg when in fact I took the entire day's dosage in one big swallow. I remember feeling super dizzy, sweaty and flushed, then the nausea hit. I would be sick and feel better then crawl off to bed only to have this happen every 2 hours for the remainder of the day. Tapering off Sinimet to introduce other helpers is very hard; either you can't move or are sick all day. These drugs are so addictive; I have never had a reaction like this in my life. Just don't over compensate and abrubtly stop your meds because that can be life threatening. Some day I hope we will have a better treatment.

  • Hi.

    My Pd nurse took me off sinimet, and put me on stalevo over night, i will call her today and ask for her advice,

    thanks for the reply


  • what did she say al - i have just as of yesterday taken myself off sinmet - was feeling so doped up - so would be grateful if you could let me know the out come - mind you i am seeing my neuro today so will ask him love to you and laraine xxxx

  • Hi Shasha,

    could not get her today, she must be on holiday.

    i will try her again tomorrow.

    How did you get on ?


  • it turns out i was on too high a dose ! but the drugs really dont seem too make any differennce at all - so he is going to have me into hopital to go on drug holiday -- then i will be proved to be a PARKIE OR A PSP ER OR AN MSA ER - SO THERE WE ARE AT LAST I SHALL KNOW ... I DO HOPE IT IS PD THOUGH .. LOVE FROM SHA XXX

  • You are off yer nut , i have never heard of anyone hoping they have PD, but then you are special.

    Love you lods




  • Hi Conductor71,

    No my \pd nurse took me of the sinimet and replace it , i dont think it is working so well however time will tell.

    take care



  • hi al

    so sorry you r in such a bad way

    and LARAINE - i know itg is so difficult fo rthe carers and patients alike

    i hav eePSP and myk partner is so worried everyh time i fall voer

    still too many itmes in a day and a tnight too

    but we are all sitgll here - glad uou coudl blog iti all

    i tend to shed tears and then hopefully move on

    a friend who has parkinsons (i met her a the local meetings) is in hospital - fracture d her hip in a fall and hten the day b4 she si due ot come hoem fell iin the bahtroom at the hsopital and fracture dher wrist so she will nto be home for some time yet

    -she is quite stoical about it but is desperate to get bakc to he rown house

    one of the cleaners said to her - alwhyas look on the bright side fo life - which she says I do and, altho she is 89, she will follow me

    so i end wiht a :-)

    lol JIll


  • Hi Jill,

    Ah the bright side of life , funny but as iam early 50s its been a crap card so far

    any way not to grumble,

    i watched a program last night about a river boat captin , trying his hand in Bangladesh , and he seen some street kids who work from dawn to dusk for a pittance.

    Now that put every thing in to prospective, so i wll no longer winge about any thing

    Love as always



  • sounds like the flu...i felt like that once on requip...got off of it...hang n there God Bless

  • Hope it is the flu

    Take care


  • Hi Al :-)

    Glad ya still breathin mate! You`ll soon be back to the table dancin lmao :-D

    Take care


  • Still hanging in there, as they say

    fighting for breath and fit for F All


  • Take care Al. Hope you are on the mend and can now keep your food down and your body up!


  • trying ,

    joined a gym today, dont know why but it seamed like a good idea


  • LOL--we'll try anything, won't we?

  • Any thing, ?? was offerd a hash cake last night but i refused , ( just in case i liked it)


  • hi AL

    A GOOD joke

    was it meant as one

    lol JIll


  • LOL! Well, almost anything then? Though you never know could work and wouldn't it be organic, sort of, so healthy???

  • I couldn't take Stalevo. It disagreed with me. Glad you're OK. PD is a witch! any little change affects everything. Did you switch back to your old med? Hang in there!!!

  • My husband had a heart attack just over a year ago, the symptoms of PD masked the symtoms of his heart condition. However had a stent put in and is so much better now. Hope all gets better for you and be sure to keep your discriptive sense of humour . Thanks and take care of yourself. by the way my hubby was taking Stalevo and still is, we are all so different x

  • Is this the AL that walked home in the rain and froze under a sign and told the Police to "bugger Off"! Laraine, there is never a dull moment ! Lol ! I think ya might just make it Al !

  • Sure is , and iam back bigger and badder than befor,

    just joined a gym today and iam done in , its been over 10years since i have had any meanigfull excersise , and i know i will be sore in the morning, mind you i will be awake by 2am as i dont sleep any way.

    \befor Parkie joind me on my lifes journey i was supper fit and now at the ripe old age of 54 ithink its time to regain my yourh befor its too late , suppose last weeks episode was a wake up call for me, so watch this space, if \Parkie cant take me then iam sure nouthing will,

    Take care



    i am in the process of writing down all the mad stuff that happend in the ER room last week and the mental people i had the missfortune to meet , more tomorrow

  • Dang Al, Your one tuff Bird...I think PD might be scared of You !! LOL !

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