Belated weekend blog

Hi all

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I had a lovely day with my kids yesterday. I'm at work right now til 10pm then on a sleep in and on shift til 5pm tomorrow. Job going really well getting loads of hours in and still enjoying it.

On a more personal note I have met a wonderful woman, she lives nearby and we are both very happy, its early days yet but all is looking good :-)

Anyway let me know what you're all doing on this lovely Sunday

Love to all

Andy xxx

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  • hi andy

    im so pleased for you, you deserve all the happiness. i actually logged on yesterday to read your blog and missed it not being there.

    im off to portugal in two weeks, first holiday since dx. 28 of us going so i will be well looked after.

    im single and had kinda gave up cause of pd, but i have joined a dating site and it dont matter to some guys, suppose i couldnt be totally perfect lol.

  • Hi Mitchdee :-)

    I havent been blogging as much lately because of me working but even when I`m working I do try to as I can use my blackberry.

    The lady I met isnt at all put off by me having Parkinsons and I had actually declared it on my profile ( I was on ) she lives about 4 miles from me and we have really hit it off.

    I wish you all the very best of luck in your search for "Mr Perfect" and I`m sure it wont be very long before he comes along....keep us posted

    Take care x

  • Hello AndyC.

    I'm a fairly new member to PM and just wanted to write that reading your post made me smile.

    Lovely day with your kids. A job you enjoy. Loads of hours. Early days romance. Looking good. Lives nearby. Both very happy. Wonderful woman. Cool Andy - oh so very cool.

    A beauty of a sunny Sunday indeed.

    Closing ceremonies of Olympics. Well done London.

    Take care. Be well. Carry on strong.

  • Hi Nouska :-)

    Thankyou and a very warm Sheffield ( Yorkshire ) welcome to this wonderful site

    Andy x

  • I picked a Marrow from the garden and stuffed it, we had it for lunch.

    Spent the day up and down doing various little jobs, and in the afternoon did some painting in oils.

    The thoughts of not having anything useful to do scares the hell out of me at times.

    Started planning some wood working projects.

    A CD case.

  • I can not pick the marrow in my garden fast enough. Wheelbarrows of marrow. Yesterday I picked ... 42 early sugar pumpkins - with more yet to come. I named one massive Hubbard squash "Hippo". Hippo must weigh 28 kilograms or more. And ... Hippo's not fully grown yet!

    I wish you were nearby me I'm always in need of an extra pair of skilled carpenter hands for the raptor houses & platforms (owls & hawks sanctuary).

    Any fab veggie recipes you have to share would be appreciated. Especially marrow. Oy ... so many marrow! HA!!!

    Carry on strong.

  • Indeed a pity I am not nearer, it would be my pleasure to help.

    As for your Marrows. well I think we are limited as to what to do with them. They do make a good Rum. Being a vegetarian I just stuff with herbs and breadcrumbs, my diet is very simple, two porridge meals per day and one small meal at lunchtime. I feel sure all those marrows would be difficult to use, though they do keep well in nets hung up in a cool shed.

  • Marrow Rum?!? I must Google that! Thanks.

    I sell the beauties. Gift the good to family, friends, and needy charities. Keep the odd ones. All purposefully used. Which is a good thing. Self sufficient. Nothing goes to waste.

  • so thrilled for you that you have met lovely lady - do hope all goes well - you deserve it dear andy


  • Hi Sha :-)

    Thankyou xxxx

  • Hi everyone thanks for all your kind comments. Things are certainly looking positive right now on a work, personal and ( for those of u who know what I've been thru recently ) my financial situation ( tho still not fully sorted but better than it was a month ago ). I think turning 50 has done me good lol


    Andy xx

  • Congrats Andy. It sounds like everything is finally going your way. So happy for you. Have a great week. :-). :-)

    Hugs, Terri

  • Thanks Terri :-) xx

  • Thankyou

  • Good news is always nice. Pleased for you Andy Hope all goes well.

  • Thanks mate :-)

  • Hey Andy,

    That is great, that we could all be so fortunate! Happy for you, Susie

  • Thanks Susie :-) xxx

  • Hi Andy so pleased things are happening for you especially in the romantic sense, your job too is bringing some satisfaction, it probably helps that you can understand what people have to go through in this life. I have left the building and retired, very emotional but good been away to Ravenscar a lovely part of N Yorkshire to recommend for a romantic time.(even at 63) back to normality now, but grateful for what we have. xxx Enjoy what you can and take care x

  • Thanks Carrigan :-)

    Hope you are enjoying your retirement, yes Ravenscar is a lovely part of the world, thanks for the recommendation

    Take care xxx

  • Really, really pleased that things are going so well for you. How lovely to have met someone living near and special to you. Its funny how things work out just when you are feeling low. However, your life is back on track now. So good luck for the future. E-mail me sometime to keep in touch.


  • Thanks Sue I will :-)

    Andy x

  • Your comment made me very happy, Andy. My kids came for the weekend we celebrated my birthday early as I will be out of town in a wedding on my birthday. I added Mirapex to my Azilect this week and I'm feeling noticeably stronger, and of course sleepier-- and I did not think I could get any sleepier.

  • Hi jeaniegal :-)

    Thanks I`m glad my comment made you happy and a very happy birthday to you

    Andy xxx

  • hi andy

    yes i agree with what all the other s have said

    hope it all goes really well for you and the new "love of yoru life"

    lol JIll


  • Hi Jill :-)

    Thankyou xxx

  • Andy, wonderful news.........after the way the year started for you it looks like it will be ending on a much happier plane. I too was on a dating site (in fact more than one) and was always up front about the PD in my profiles..........well I am about to celebrate 1 year with KR who emailed me with a response to a comment I had posted in my profile which read, " I have PD but am NOT looking for a caretaker"...his email said "Why not I am." Thinking that was most original comeback I thought why not. Well I am here to tell you --HE WASN"T He has his share of health issues, is extremely opinionated, has TV on 24/7 watching sports or politics BUT strangely enough my life has purpose again....diagnosed w/PD in 2006, my empty-nest became official in 2004 and d/t increased fatigue decided to retire 4/2011 from a nursing career that spanned 46 yrs----I miss it terribly. Then KR enters my life, sold my 3 level condo and we moved into a 1 level rental home in a 55+ community, close enough to my oldest daughter's to sit my 6 yr old & 9 yr old grandchildren 2 days a week---did I mention I do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry--------which I actually find beneficial to me as long as I pace myself. As much as I miss working I don't know when I could find the time---June I had a "girls weekend" with my bookclub---7 ladies who reconnected at our 50th reunion 2 yrs ago from elementary school----we get together once a month,discuss our book for 5-10 min, then talk, laugh. eat for the next hour or 2. In July KR & I took a roadtrip--- I had a wedding to attend in Colorado and KR had lived in the southwest in his younger yrs and wanted to introduce me to a part of the US I never seen before----let me tell you 2 weeks in the same vehicle with another control freak besides myself, covering almost 5000 miles about killed this relationship..........had me questioning why I had let him into my empty nest (where I was happy, content, & In control) in the first place. Fortunately I was only home long enough to launder my clothes and repack as I was off to Italy for the 8/4 wedding of my youngest daughter to her 'Prince' in a fairytale wedding in the Tuscany area----beautiful scenery, good wine and food, spending time with my 3 children, spouses, 3 of my 5 grandchildren. my ex his younger wife, her mother----------I returned home to KR, refreshed, exhausted but ready to sign on for another yr with this man who drives me crazy but loves me, lets me do what I want and when BUT most importantly it allows me to fight off the PD mainly d./t the purpose I have in my life again and KR gave that to me. Andy so sorry this turned into a novel but so happy you have found a job you like and a lady who may bring you more love ...........who knows what 2013 has in store for you. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND dear Andy!!!

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