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A QUICK QUIZ - Are You Care Aware?

This is a great quiz that test your knowledge about how "Aware" and prepared you are about your next hospital visit. Interesting!

Link: -For-Patients/Quiz--Are-you-Aware-in-Care-.aspx

I'm sorry I don't know why the link won't work.

I could copy and paste the questions but it is interactive with the website. I don't understand it works from my e-mail


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Oh no it wouldn't let me in


TRY it again for me please. Use the second link. let me know if you got through.Thanks


Hi JJ, Yes, the second link worked. Every PD person should receive the information this gives. Many thanks.


I did the quiz but it is all just common sense.

In the time it takes to do that and read the answers I would have been in and out seeing the Neurologist.

Not too sure about Hospitalisation mind you

l would be kicking and screaming all the way


Hi jupiterjane, got my kit finally. Now to stock it and put in meds before I have an emergency. This is a good quiz and I only got one wrong. Last time I was in the hospital (an emergency hernia) I reached my neurologist on his cell phone and he called the resident. He told the resident I was a "very sophisticated patient and should be listened to!" He's from Genoa and given to hyperbole:) Anyway they did give me back all my meds except the Xanax and let me medicate myself on schedule as soon as I could drink. The one thing I would do differently is demand to be taken off the IV and walked around ASAP because they pump you full of bloodthinners as long as you are tied down. That injection hurts like hell and I went home black and blue :(


This is great information to have for PD patients. My hubby has been hospitalized several times and each time I got angry with the staff for not giving him his meds on time, restraining him because they didn't understand his dementia, depression, etc. I swore I would never take him back and, cross my fingers, I haven't had to. Thanks for sharing.


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