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I called in my local cafe this morning. Ordered an english breakfast which was soon placed in front of me , yum sausage,egg bacon, and beans. Something caught my eye in the paper. I read the artical looked down to start my breakfast and to my horrer my sausage had gone . i looked round the room more confused than anything .Then i looked at my hands they were to blame holding a knife and fork with the evidence still on the fork. Oh dear one of those magic PD moments just couldnt remember eating it !

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  • Fabulous! If you can't remember eating it then it's calorie free! I sometimes have this phenomenon with chocolate lol

  • And ice cream.

  • A senior moment mabe but you do not look senior, great to share though thanks, we all need a good laugh

  • Sadly, i find that type of situation happening more & more often - especially at work! As a physician, I cannot work efficiently if I don't recall if I gave my patient their prescription or reviewed the medication's side-effects.

    I love my work - my 2nd career after dancing classical ballet professionally (kind of ironic that I developed YOPD during my medical training after years of attempting to

    master physically demandiing dance moves).

    I see my beloved 2nd career slipping away because of these cognitive "hiccups" and mental/physical exhaustion. Trying to support 2 small children on my own. Anyone have ideas on a career path that won't end quickly because I can't remember if i called a patient back OR if I ate lunch or just forgot to bring it w/me?

    Here's a funny one: lost a plate of fried eggs 2 yrs ago & never found them! Only evidence was the used pan, egg shells in the trash and the aroma. No dirty plate or utensils? I remained very hungry & the eggs were never found!

    Thanks 4 reading this novella. Keep up the spirit and resilience. You all inspire me! (:

  • I am counting on my writing ability to sustain me. One can type as slowly as one wants, and there's voice recognition technology as well.The evidence is all before you so nothing should be missing or forgotten, right?

  • I am slowly writing my life story with Dragon dictate. Did i hear someone say brilliant?

    slight problem: I keep getting started then saving it, and next time: A. i cant remember my password and B. i've forgotten where i saved it!!!

    Anyone know a young publisher as it might take a long time? ;-D

  • Possible help you didn't really ask for (And may have been kidding about), but here goes:

    A. Do you really need a password to access your own computer? If so, use "password."

    B. MS Word keeps track of the documents you work on, so just look at that list!

  • My food is flying quite often. I think your eggs probably did the frisbee thing and had a nice flight to elsewhere. I have adorned many people with my food and drink.I have had my food land on other people's plates and it is very difficult to ask for it back. What fun it is! :)

  • Did you check over your shoulder? that's where my food goes flying!

  • Chalkie, this made me chuckle!

  • Or ON my shoulder! Thanks for the laugh.


  • Be fun at a barbacue me stood behind you with a open bap. Catch that sausage and eat it before it gets away !

  • Sorted !!! jobby you are invited to my next BBQ.

  • Unfortunately, my husband had forgotten that he had taken his MEDS, and then took them again! Horrible consequences--so now I don't feel comfortable leaving him alone while I run to the grocery store. Waiting for my eldest to come by and sit with him.

  • I did that once and it was terrible ! Ever since that time I write down on a piece of paper when I take any medication. I write the name and the time I took it. It helps me immensly.

    I hope it works for y ou.

  • LMAO this made me laugh :-D Thanks for sharing

  • That made me titter Jobby. Trying to tell my hubby who has PD but laughter got in the way. Then he turns round and says thats the kind of thing you would do !! lol. Jemor my hubby has a 7day tablet case marked with each day so he knows whether he has taken that days tablets or not simply because some days he forgets to take them or like hubby can go to take them again so I can relate with you on that subject.

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