My lovely family & friends,

To those of you with whom I met recently it must have been obvious that my health is taking a dive - hopefully temporary. Having your love & support has helped keep me going. At the moment I am having bouts of severe pain which causes me to be a pain. Last night we had to call for an ambulance (again). I am having difficulty breathing. After a good exam & a cuppa we made an emergency app with 1 of our GPs this am, followed by a chest X ray in Worcester. Our system is no news is good news & I haven’t heard anything yet. So please forgive me if I forget mtgs or miss keeping in touch I’m sure you will understand,

Lots of love,


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  • I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly at the moment. Hope things start to look up for you really soon xx

  • Praying you get better. Please keep us updated.





  • hi ANgela

    hope u feel better soon

    i am on an "up" at the moment and with PSP it si only suppose to get worse

    So here's a cup fo tea and coffee to you

    and do keep on the site

    lol Jill]


  • Hi Angela :-) Hope you feel better real soon so to help you on your way I`m sending you a HUGE YORKSHIRE HUG :-)

    Oh and by the way its my 50th birthday on August 4th so I`m gonna organise one of our famous online Parkie Parties and you are invited, just look out for my announcement of date and time.....hope you can join us it will be a blast

    Take care

    Andy :-)

  • Hi Angela

    Sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment. Pain is so debillitating and depressing especially when it won't go away. And to have breathing problems. must, I think be extremely frightening. both for you and also for your family.

    I do hope that you get some respite from your problems. Please keep in touch, when you feel able to as I will be thinking about you. A non-Parkinsons friend of mine who syffers with severe pain is going to try acapuncture as a last resort rather than being on painkillers long term.

  • Hello Angela,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. Please know that all your PD friends have you in their thoughts..........I'm asking our "Boss" to "shine his light" on you....and strengthen your faith to get through this thing.

    Take care as well as you can girl.....I'll be waiting to hear "good things" from you ! :o)

  • Sending love and hugs your way! Hope you are soon on the road to recovery. :-)



    A BIG HUG TO YOU and al l yours

    lol Jill


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