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Our Annual PD Symposium


Saturday was our Annual PD Symposium. The main topic of the day was surviving a hospital stay. We all know the best way is to stay out of one but there are times when it is unavoidable. All PD people received the Aware in Care Kits. They are black cases which contain an ID bracelet, Hospital Action Plan, a Medical Alert Card for your wallet, a medication form, PD Fact Sheet to give to your doctors and nurses and have placed in your chart (lists meds you should NEVER take) , PD Reminder slips to hand out, a Thank You Note in case you are lucky enough to find a helpful nurse/MD during your stay and a magnet to hold notices on your bed to remind everyone of your PD. I'd make copies of the Fact Sheet and keep the original for future possible needs.

A psychiatrist discussed Impulsive and Compulsive Behaviors which was very clinical but very informative. I think he was surprised by some of the questions asked during the Q & A period.They were very specific and insightful.

There was a presentation on DBS and information on exercise, dance and advise for caregivers- who often get forgotten.

I don't know if you have these types of programs where you live but I would search them out and attend. I learn something new all the time and it really helps me to help my husband and to cope with my needs as a Caregiver.

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Sounds good. Wish I had joined in!

Was this on the internet?

No it was in a meeting room of a local hotel. There were 300 attendees. Each year it gets better attended. This was my 5th symposium.

where are you, wifeofparky? we have them here in nYC at a JCC. The last one had a panel on cognitive problems and PD, then lunch, then a choice of the hospital kit talk you mention above or the LSVT technique. The latter were given twice so pwp's and loved ones, etc. could go to both. My daughter, who also has TBi, announced on the way there that she wants a break. I'm very hurt, and trying to understand. Thank goodness I have a lot of support.

I'm near Buffalo. They did a segment on LSVT last year. Sorry your daughter has burnout. It happens to all of us at some point. Today I was crying at work because a co-worker's husband who had been very hale and hearty two weeks ago is now under Hospice care and his death is emminent. I was crying for my co-worker because I understand her pain. Every time I leave the house, I wonder what I will come home to find. So far, he has chosen to have his crises when I am here to help.

Wish I knew how to make contact. ~Dennis

wifeofparky in reply to Dennis

I sent you a message. Watch your inbox.

If you live in Tucson I wrote letting "you" know I plan to come down there and

take a look at my house that I am trying to get ready and get it on the market.

PD has been "bad' on me lately and today. Docs can't figure out all that is wrong with me besides PD. Best wishes alll ~~~Dennis

I think I am not the person who sent you the note on here. Sorry. I replied before but I think I deleted it and not send it. I am not feeling well and go to

doc tomorrow for test. Best wishes ~Dennis

PS I HOPE TO TRAVEL TOTUCSON TO LOOK AT MY HOUSE AND GET IT ON THE MARKET. I WROTE SOMEONE ON HERE AND LET THEM KNOW THAT. That was the "connection". I feel so badly now that I can hardly sit here and type and I think it is much more than PD. I hurt from the xyphoid process to the chest. Don't know what it is. Legs ache so bad it is "driving me crazy."

In Buffalo NY. It is held every Spring.

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