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Has anyone made with their 'relatives' found on 23andMe?

I have been working my way through all the information supplied after submitting my saliva test to 23andMe. Of particular interest is the Relative Finder. I am slightly wary of contacting any people found in this way, though some have contacted me. I replied to one of these people as I wanted to know whether they had Parkinsons. They did not,

I was wondering whether anyone has had a meaningful experience when contacting anyone through this Relative Finder and whether it is worth me pursuing this link. I just worry about giving out too much personal information. I realise this is a personal choice, but wondered whether anyone had pursued this avenue and how it had affected them.

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Court, I have never heard of that program 23andMe. I don't think I would want to do the relative finder. I have never known of anyone in my family who had PD. My uncle's wife (no blood relation) had PD of the worst kind u can imagine. Bless his heart he took such good care of her as there was no such thing as home health care. He married 3 mos after she passed, with his 2 daughters blessings. Not that this relates to your post. Just don't know anything about the program u mention. Surely someone can offer u an opinion. good luck, and God bless.


23andMe is part of a research programme connected to the Michael J Fox Organisation. You submit a sample of your saliva and they run lots of test on genes, etc. and send the details back to you. If you have Parkinsons and live in the UK there is no cost.


Wow, really does sound like something I'd be interested in, now that I know what it is, hahaha. I live in USA and have submitted infor to MJF Orginization for clinical trials, etc. I has been a while. I will check back with them about the 23and me. tks, learned something today!!


hi court

i have contacted ' a relative ' or rather they contacted me - it was all very simple - i gave them access to my health files and they gave me therirs - i have found that we are related way back with his fathers side - but i gave it over too my sister in oz as she is brilliant genialogist and she has found out the real relative but it is too difficult for me todo - i did hsve requests from acouplle of ladies hwo had spotted a gene or chromasome we had in our make up but i only gave them the access to find ut more but have not heard more


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