Parkinson's Movement

Keep on keeping on

Do you believe in destiny

Do you believe in fate

Or are they just imposters

Just like love and hate

If I could live my life again

I wouldn't change a thing

The rights the wrongs merge into one

And wisdom they do bring

Wisdom through stupidity

Seems like the only way

We live our lives we make mistakes

We do it everyday

Our lives it seem are blighted

By tragedy and sorrow

We take a pill to combat it

And forget about tomorrow

Time is not real, so clever men say

There is nothing we cant do

No past no future only now

And today the sky is blue

Never fear what life brings

its all a learning curve

Learn to ride its ups and downs

But keep straight and don't swerve

What we've got we should celebrate

It brings us life a plenty

Learn to live, with what you've got

And your cup will never empty

4 Replies



So true. Thank you for sharing.




Love this poem.Great job! I also write poems ,its great therapy.


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