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Cardiac arrest recovery / PD & Lewy body patient / Keeping calm

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Hello everyone. My dad, with advanced PD and Lewy Body , but lucid at times , had two cardiac arrests a week ago and is on a ventilator. Organs look good but has small case of pneumonia. The challenge now is keeping him calm , without Precedex, to get him off the ventilator. Just wondering if there’s any insight into this from a PD and dementia perspective. Love and thanks Kym

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I am no help.Personally I am making sure my family don’t keep me alive if my pd is advanced (whatever that means) especially if I develop dementia.

Very sorry to hear it.

Everyone is different, but for my husband, the anxiety kicks in when his l dopa meds are too high. I had them cut back on the meds in the hospital sometimes if he was having high anxiety and hallucinations.

Also, I don’t know if he can take anything but melatonin can help.

High doses of Vitamin C for pneumonia.

My husband was diagnosed first with Lewy Body Dementia and was rediagnosed with PD when the Neupro Patch turned him around. Was looking at dementia again recently when Patch stopped working. We tried Mannitol, with info from this site. The result was amazing.

See my post on Mannitol.

Will do - thx- glad it’s working for y’all

The mannitol info sounds great - assuming ordering off Amazon in US is good ?

How old is your husband if I may ask ?

I second the mannitol once you get him out of the hospital. It’s giving my husband energy and improving a lot of the Parkinson’s symptoms .

But , if he is in advanced Pd with dementia and has lots of medical issues, be very cautious. The first doses of mannitol were too high for my husband and brought on psychosis. It took us several months to balance the mannitol dose with his other PD meds (which he now no longer takes). And sometimes he has to skip a few days with it to remain anxiety free.

I hope you’re having success with getting off the ventilator. Fingers crossed.

Thx for the wishes. Oh yeah - the anxiety - that’s a real thing w the PD. He’s been thru allThat psychosis. I’d hate for him to go thru that again. But the benefits are worth it ?

Maybe? For us it was as he is still young and now sleeps through the night and is awake most of the day. But the process of getting here with all the psychotic episodes was not fun. I waited until he was mostly through rehab after being in the hospital last fall, then started. I don’t you have care aids or other help?

You may find the following of interest in his recovery :


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