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Hi, you all probably know of my husband, Drew410, on this site. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's before we met and told me this at the very beginning of our relationship. He is such an amazing person that his having this illness did not make one jot of difference to the way I felt about him then or indeed feel about him now. My only gripe is that this vicious illness has destroyed our social life. We used to love playing golf together and we were always the ones still dancing when everyone else had given up! We both love Status Quo so there was always a lot of rocking going on. Now, Drew can no longer play golf - although we are going to make an effort to try again with a buggy during the summer (if we get one in Scotland). We were out at a village event last Thursday and Drew only managed one dance all night. I find this really frustrating, both for him and me.

I am not much of a blogger so I expect that I will not be on this site very much but I know what it means to all of you so God bless you all.

Drew has resigned from the site - for his own reasons - and his farewell to you all disappeared before anyone had the chance to say goodbye back. I know that his insight and communication skills will be missed. If anyone would like to reply to him through me then you will be most welcome.

Remember to care for the Carers!

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Thank you for sharing and joining.

Yes, Drew's posts will be missed.


hi elaine

yes drew was a godo blogger and an inspiration to us with hsi humour / practical advice etc

he will eb v much missed

jill :-)


hello elaine -

thanks for trying to explain the inexplicable ! i was most upset tp go to his last blog and found it gone - i expect that i shall be in contact again soon though

love sha xx




Hello Elaine. I had no idea that Drew had left the site. We will miss him and his words of wisdom. I am sorry that he felt the need to resign and if he ever changes his mind we will welcome him back with open arms.

Please keep in touch. It would be lovely to hear from you. I think I read his last blog. If it is the one I am thinking about I made a comment on it. The site will not be the same without him.

Love Sue


Elaine, Like Sue I had no idea Drew had left us. Equally I have no idea why. I'm going to be selfish & say that although I'm relatively new to the site his contribution has been hugely appreciated, especially his frank descriptions of his experiences & his unfettered opinions re PD & the 'system'. God bless you both, Angela


Hi Elaine

Drews offerings and insights will be missed on this sight. He's a top bloke. Thankyou for your post. Tell him I'll be in touch.

Best wishes to you both. :-)

Andy xx


Although I am new to this group I have to say that I will miss Drew's comments. He was the first one to answer my question when I finally got up the nerve to put it out there. I hope he will consider coming back and I wish him well. Thanks, Drew for making me feel welcome!


Hope you find an answer to his problems and he is back doing what he loves , as well as you. And hope he finds new loves and interests. Mourning what we lose may open the door but never be discouraged! Never give up (I say to myself as I survey my own situation). Thanks !

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Oh yes glad you have been in contact, I too a carer and undrstand all you are saying, it is frustrating for both concerned, but unfortunately the nature of the disease. I have just joined the blog and getting lots from it. My hubby not yet interested, but he has lots to do as he is chairman of our local PD branch and that keeps him more than occupied. All the very best to you both and take care of yourselves


Too bad Drew has left the site. He wiil be missed. His last blog really inspired me. I hope he returns soon.


Thank you for letting us know Drew will not be coming back. I will miss his comments too.

I was reading the other posts from the members and it is wonderful how many positive comments he has received! I hope he is happy he has helped so many people!! Including me!! He always had good advice for others. Thank you Sir. I am sorry I did not know you longer. God Bless you and your wife and continue to give you strength to fight this monster.


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