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Why do so many people have trouble sleeping?


I know people with Parkinsons have many different symptoms, but it seems that whatever different meds we take, one thing the majority of us suffer from is difficulty sleeping.

I do not sleep well at night, but cannot sleep during the day. I wonder if this sleep deprivation causes my meds to not always work efficiently. Why do we Parkies suffer with sleep problems and has anyone found ways to help us get, at least, a reasonable night's sleep?

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was just wondering that. Just had about 20 hours where I coudlnts stay awake, but wonder if thats just due to the majority of the time being terminally sleep deprived, which alll adds to the depression- this iis realc chicken and the egg type stuff..Good luck x


About four months after I was diagnosed I had trouble sleeping. At the time I just thought it was too much stuff going on in my life. But looking back it was probably the meds. I was on selegeline, it was like taking an upper. I liked it at first it kept me going. The more Requip I took I noticed the less sleep I got. At times I get so sleepy ( just all of the sudden too) I can barely keep my eyes open -- I can fall asleep at night just fine--It's the staying asleep I have probs with. My eyes pop open and thats it. I'm awake for a good while. Of course my husband snores like a freight train, the dog always comes to me, the cats, the children must I go on? a sleeping pill doesn't work for me. Sorry didn't mean to go on. YES- I do feel it is the meds, the stress of daily life and the anxiety of having PD that lead to my sleep deprivation. Good nutrition, exercise and a few power naps help a lot. I try I don't always do.

I don't take any meds for my Parkinson's and I still have trouble sleeping. I have had trouble sleeping for more than 10 yrs and had PD 5??/

Beachdog in reply to Jeni

NO meds...WOW. I would be immobile for sure.

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Me too, Beachdog!


I eat healthy and exercise.

I don't have any trouble falling asleep, just staying asleep. Don't know why but after 5 or 6am I sleep well and have a difficult time waking up...no matter how long I have slept.

I do every once in a while have days of 20+ hrs of sleep.

I slept almost all the time when on previous meds.

I have been on ambien=zolpidem for years. I started taking .5 but have progressed to .5 3x a night. It works... I get 8-9 hrs. Doc says it's addictive but it is better to sleep. I never sleep during the day but always feel exhausted.

I take sinemet er and I read that some of the side effects are sleeplisness...I brought this to my dr attention and they prescribed klonopin but at 2 to 3 am I am wide awake...not being able to sleep sucks so I try to stay up longer each night....sleepy time tea works real well too!!!

One thought, when you are taking lots and lots of pills, with a full glass of water with each one, the water has to be eliminated at some point. When hubby rolls over I hear the groan, and know he's headed for the bathroom, again. So every night its drink, pill, sleep, pee over and over.

I think it's a side effect of PD for sure. I was prescribed clonopin and I add valerian and melatonin. Usually sleep OK unless I have ab pain or knee pain. Requip is for the birds! :D

All I know is that last night was only the 3rd time in at least a year that I slept through the night. Didn't wake up until 6:30!

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