Stone (For JJ)


I’m stone

I don’t move

I’m alone

I don’t leave

I am rage

I am screams

of pain

of anger

of a betrayal that can never be forgiven

I’m stone

I can’t move

I am alone

I can not leave

I am sorrow

I am tears

of sadness

of loneliness

of a disappointment growing on a razor’s edge

god damn


he really did

7 Replies

  • Very Raw & Real! Especially the last three lines.

  • Absolutely agree with the comment made by redbudlady. Can't add anything else.

  • G.D.M 2

  • Agree with both redbudlady and ram927. Another bad night in bed for me---I am stone; I cannot move! :-(

  • The sheer shocking honesty here is liberating to read. Thanks for your courage . It means I can acknowledge mine with less anxiety this morning.

  • This one took moments to write--what it is about however has felt like an eternity of being damned.

  • Extreme truths, extreme feelings, when you put your feelings and truths down in black and white or you speak them aloud your courage grows and you anxiety lessens. It is a freeing of your soul!

    Thank you for sharing.

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