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gotta laugh,crying does not help ...(ps couldn't change the pic, i'll study up for next time)

gotta laugh,crying does not help ...(ps couldn't change the pic, i'll study up for next time)

It's Chatty Cathy sounding off, again! With all that I deal with, last Thursday I lost my wallet, not misplaced, you'll find it, LOST It contained (and never will again)

3 credit cards,

1 ATM card

drivers license

SS card

medicare card

NM medical cannabis card

my dog's service dog certification

about $45.

Now a week later I wish to report I am a wreck. Almost every attempt had a SNAFU, some weirder than others. Visa sent me a new card the next day, wonderful. I signed on to validate it by auto person, sorry I do not know what they are called, answered all the questions, created a password and auto person says I'm sorry I cannot complete this transaction please hold on for the next available agent,,,,,, 10 minutes later and we repeat the steps to validate my new card, except the last one when the agent asked for the number on my new card. I read off the number and she responded, "I'm sorry, that is not your card". What?? "So sorry" said she", I'll have your card sent tomorrow". The next day my 'real' card arrived. This time I bypassed the auto person, requested an 'agent' and could not understand him, not even his name. "Where are you located" I asked. "Costa Rica." "Please connect me with some one stateside." I understood his answer "I sure I can hep you."

"No thanks." and finally my card was validated. I did not have the energy to address the next item! That was at least 1 1/2 hours not to be available again. I imagine that none of you are shocked by this experience, cannot say I was, but the energy it took is not retrievable and expensive psychically, This place helps with equilibrium re-establishment. Btw, since we can not hear or see one another there is missing info. So I want to report that I have a strong, somewhat ironic sense of humor. I hope you can read it in the same tone.

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Be assured, for what it's worth, that we are with you in spirit and greatly admire your sense of humor. Costa Rica????

Wishing you better luck with the rest.



I LEFT my purse in a taxi on Wed and it was returned intact to em 2 hrs later !

the raxi driver (fEMale) was v honest, as there was a lot of cash in it - no credit cards or anythign to IDENTIFY me

lol JIll :-)


I left my Kindle Fire in my grocery cart. Someone turned it in and I was able to go pick it up.

I had ALOT of my personal info in it...including by spreadsheet with all my banking info! Needless to say that was the first thing I deleted when it was returned.

Plus my grandbabies love to play the games I have on it...all educational of course. :)

Am truly grateful for honest people!


Thanx all. I am still retrieving the other stuff, but the light at the end of the tunel is NOT a train coming in the other direction.


Cathy, I never thought someone called Gran5 would ever come out with SNAFU! A rave from the grave. LOL. Love it.

I am sorry for your lost items.

Life's a bitch and no mistake.


Slowly, really slowly I am replacing my missing items. I promise me to make copies of what is missing, in this situation or any like it. My life may end up a series of lists!!

BTW I woud love to know where on this planet we are all at this moment in time. Interesting.


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