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Hello, I'm an Orange

Hello, I'm an Orange

Or at least I was starting to resemble one the past several days. Us folks with "The Affliction" have a curious lot of symptoms. At any given time, for me at least, there are usually a couple that take center stage. Sometimes you can do stuff to help them, sometimes you just sigh, knowing that the progression is ever marching on, and other times, it helps to laugh yourself silly. This time, I chose to be proactive cautiously, and it worked. I was having episodes of "FREEZING" , where in the middle of everything you just come to a complete stop. Your feet are super glued to the floor. You don't respond much to what is going on around you. Kinda like turning into an orange. Over the last several days, I did less and less until it got to the point that I would just stand motionless for hours. So I called for a board meeting with Penny and we sat and talked over what we could do. We decided:

1. I was about half sick with a cold (it's almost impossible to tell because you always feel so bad anyway.

2. It didn't warrant a call to the neuro.......yet.

3. The 27 to40 pills a day I was taking and their dosages were ok, but the timing needed adjusting.

So we implemented plan 347a and after 24 hours I'm starting to move around ALOT more. I'm getting some little projects completed again, which is important for the simple reason that I must remain active to stay alive at this point; problem solved for now.

As a sidenote, it would have been easier to just give in and say there was nothing to be done, but we've learned that there are many tricks you can pull to extend quality life time.

Besides, I just couldn't picture myself as an orange. Maybe a prickly pear.......

Jim Adams Winter, 2012

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Wonderful advice. Similar to what I am/have experienced.


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