Some time ago I suggested that it would be useful to have somewhere to talk to people who were in a similar situation. Quite a few people showed interest, but no one did anything about it.

As I, myself, am not computer literate, I would not have a clue how to go about setting this up. I did wonder, however, due to the success of PARTY NIGHTS, if a similar thing would work for Night Owls.

If anyone would be interested, I was going to suggest that this blog be kept for the sole use of non sleepers, and see how it goes. Perhaps it could be updated on a regular basis if it proves popular.

Don't even know if it will work. Sure there is someone out there who has a better idea.



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  • Hi Sue,

    It's 4:02AM here.

    The dystonia in my neck is keeping me from sleeping. Haven't slept a wink.

    What time is it where you are?

  • Tonya,

    Is there anything they can do for your neck pain. I suffer from it as well along with shoulder and back pain.


  • Hi Sue,

    If I had only known.....I awoke at 2 am EST. We could have had a good chat. I'll keep this in mind.


    Cheri :)

  • I do not always suffer from sleep loss, but if I am awake would love a good chat. Does not look as though this idea was a good one, but never mind,



  • Some one is always up. i'm up at 4, but I'm not on my computer.

  • No, I realise someone is always up, but not always on their computer. It was just an idea that was not a very good one.

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