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Sometimes A Bad Parkie Day

Sometimes I have a bad Parkie day.

And feel that nothing is going my way,

that my right arm weighs a zillion tons,

when I try to get a few things done.

So, I say to myself, I need to put this task aside,

for now,

and get some needed rest,

and chow!

Tomorrow is another day

and there will be another way.


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Can I ask a question or three? How do you know if it is going to be a bad Parkies day? Does a bad night sleep make a difference? Is there anything that signposts that its not going to be a good day?

Many thanks

Am sure it is different for everyone


A bad night's sleep is a definate indicator for me, (or other additional stressors and/or pressures.) It helps me when I do things with mindfulness and remembering to try not to overdo! Fatigue, hunger,overwhelm, etc...these are some of my "signposts" and with some behavioral modifications i.e., I try to practice moderation, keeps the anxiety factor down! (which only exacerbates the the tremor).


My indicators are very similar and also "I try to practice moderation, keeps the anxiety factor down".


Moderation is a good idea in all things! I agree! Jeg


I never know.


I get mega-sweat days that really throw me for a loop. I have droplets even from my eyes!! Then there are days when I have nothing. If you've had a similar experience and you've successfully dealt with it, Please let me know. Thanks


hi Helen

i havae psp

I am probably not able to cokment r ekmyh meds as i cannot take anything for it

i start each day as a" new day" and i start off beign kind 2 myslef (and ntofallign over) may eb 5am start but it makes no difference to whether i fall a lto or a little

in the course of the day

everything is aggravat4ed by stress and anxiety

and i speed up despite tiredness as the day goes on

so a bad night does not really affect my syjmptoms but anxiety and stress does

(chiciken and egg??)

lol JIll :-)


Hi Jill!

What is psp?

Were you trying to message me or Helen?

I like your sense of humor! LOL!




Hi jane

just tryign ot make a reply ot Helen's message

lolJill :-)


hi jsne

i have explained PSP briefly in answer to yoru blog Beign a Parkie Patient

lol Jill ::-)


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