Sometimes A Bad Parkie Day

Sometimes I have a bad Parkie day.

And feel that nothing is going my way,

that my right arm weighs a zillion tons,

when I try to get a few things done.

So, I say to myself, I need to put this task aside,

for now,

and get some needed rest,

and chow!

Tomorrow is another day

and there will be another way.


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  • Can I ask a question or three? How do you know if it is going to be a bad Parkies day? Does a bad night sleep make a difference? Is there anything that signposts that its not going to be a good day?

    Many thanks

    Am sure it is different for everyone

  • A bad night's sleep is a definate indicator for me, (or other additional stressors and/or pressures.) It helps me when I do things with mindfulness and remembering to try not to overdo! Fatigue, hunger,overwhelm, etc...these are some of my "signposts" and with some behavioral modifications i.e., I try to practice moderation, keeps the anxiety factor down! (which only exacerbates the the tremor).

  • My indicators are very similar and also "I try to practice moderation, keeps the anxiety factor down".

  • Moderation is a good idea in all things! I agree! Jeg

  • I never know.

  • I get mega-sweat days that really throw me for a loop. I have droplets even from my eyes!! Then there are days when I have nothing. If you've had a similar experience and you've successfully dealt with it, Please let me know. Thanks

  • hi Helen

    i havae psp

    I am probably not able to cokment r ekmyh meds as i cannot take anything for it

    i start each day as a" new day" and i start off beign kind 2 myslef (and ntofallign over) may eb 5am start but it makes no difference to whether i fall a lto or a little

    in the course of the day

    everything is aggravat4ed by stress and anxiety

    and i speed up despite tiredness as the day goes on

    so a bad night does not really affect my syjmptoms but anxiety and stress does

    (chiciken and egg??)

    lol JIll :-)

  • Hi Jill!

    What is psp?

    Were you trying to message me or Helen?

    I like your sense of humor! LOL!



  • Hi jane

    just tryign ot make a reply ot Helen's message

    lolJill :-)

  • hi jsne

    i have explained PSP briefly in answer to yoru blog Beign a Parkie Patient

    lol Jill ::-)

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