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Sudden Downturn


Out of no where my husband has taken a distressing dive. He literally golfed Tuesday, came home and peed himself. Now for five days straight he can’t make to the bathroom. He’s been frozen on the floor on all fours two different times, unable to move. Tonight I had to lift his legs into bed and he cannot roll over. Has anyone had experience with such a sudden and extreme downturn?

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Not frozen on all fours but after lifting legs, from that point I cannot move them.

I’ll watch this Post for comments.

I haven’t had that sort of reaction, but i’m my first few years of having Parkinson, my golf game got so bad I. quit playing. My neurologist gave me several samples of Azilect, but I decided against taking it at first because I didn’t care for the idea of taking more drugs.

My cousin, who has Parkinson’s came out from Denver for a visit and expected to golf. I told him my golf game had gone out the scuppers and he said he had been taking a new med for the last 6 months and his golf game improved! It was Azilect. I went to the cupboard immediately and took one.

Nothing really happened that first day, but in short time my golf game started coming back.

I found that if I was very accurate taking my meds on time, my golf game came back. And to top it off, I was watching the golf channel one morning and they did an extensive Bio on a golfer who had b Parkinson’s named Gary Smith who felt his Parkinson’s symptoms diminished when he was golfing. You can watch this documentary on YouTube. Just search for “Gary Smith, Parkinson’s, Golf”.

I wonder if your husband feels that golfing diminishes his Parkinson’s symptoms? I have had a number of times when I played and knew I had good concentration and focus, but as my thoughts shifted from golf to driving home and getting a bite to eat, I would be walking across the parking lot and all my Parkinson’s symptoms pounced and I would end up in my car having trouble taking my golf shoes off. If that happens I take some Inbrija (carb/lev inhaler) or a fast release 25/100 carb/lev pill.

I also find it helpful to take a hot epsom salt bath for stiffness and soreness. I buy it in half gallon milk cartons and pour the whole thing in the 🛀 tub and stir it up with my foot so it dissolves. One problem... if I stay in too long, it can be very difficult to get out of the tub. It’s difficult to stand up. I used to get the water as hot as I could stand it and now I still get it hot but not extremely. My Parkinson’s symptoms are ear their peak when I get out. It takes a little while to stop perspiring, but once I’m cooled off, I go to bed and then make sure I’m right on the money timing-wise in taking my meds. I’m usually moving slowly when I get up so I take my Azilect, carb/lev and coffee, then fix an e-mergency vitamin drink and take my vitamins and supplements. I like steel cut oats for breakfast with some Silk Almond Milk with a bit of pure grade “A” Maple Syrup for a happy stomach.

Good Luck! He will love the golf channel article on Youtube!


Seacrab in reply to Mogul1

Thank you Mogul1 : ) Those are helpful tips! Hubby is 10 years in, his golf game initially went down the tubes. But he stays happily at it.

Smittybear7 in reply to Mogul1

Thanks for your information.

MarionP in reply to Mogul1

I think absolute fidelity on timing of meds is the key here.

bornsmiling in reply to Mogul1

How do you cook the steel cut oats so they're not so "chewy"?

gginto in reply to bornsmiling

I cook them a few minutes the night before , shut off stove, cover oats, then leave oats in saucepan overnight...then simply reheat the next morning- add more water- and the chewyness will disappear as it breaks down overnight- Agreed , I don't like steelcut chewy!

Have him checked for urinary tract infection or other nonobvious infection

Seacrab in reply to park_bear

We will, he has a call into his urologist as his stream is crooked too?

park_bear in reply to Seacrab

If that is something new that is an indication of something awry. Insist on a quick appointment - not weeks away. Do not let the urologist get away with merely a dipstick test. In addition he should get a urine culture and sensitivity test. Is he having any other urinary symptoms? Frequent urination? Pain?

Seacrab in reply to park_bear

Yes, very frequent. We have made an appointment. Thank you

Juliegrace in reply to park_bear

I second park_bear’s advice.

Call your doctor, medication may need to be readjusted.

Yes, we are waiting for a return call. Thank you.

Urinary symptoms sound like enlarged prostate

Seacrab in reply to Nitro53

Thank you, we did not even consider.

That’s odd. Is he taking his meds?

Seacrab in reply to Astra7

Yes, his "downtime" very suddenly became intense.

Could go straight to GP for prostate test just to rule that one out.

Seacrab in reply to LAJ12345

Yes, thank you. Our circumstances seem so far beyond GP, but maybe back to square one.

PD is different for everyone check his medication PD is said to be progressive it slowly gets worse.

Since it was so sudden do you think he was exposed to a toxin? Did the golf course recently spray pesticides? Maybe something to look into...,

Seacrab in reply to jujulini

Wow! Never even considered that possibility. Thank you.

Have him checked for a UTI. My mom just got over one which had her in a complete nosedive for several weeks before they figured it out. She did not have the typical symptoms.

Seacrab in reply to Juliegrace

Excellent suggestion. Thank you.

LindaP50 in reply to Seacrab

For about 8 months my husband experienced frequent urinary tract infections. Moved slowly, very difficult to get up from a seated position, could not roll over in bed.

Now we keep a box of urinary tract strips from over-the-counter at stores, and check his urine periodically. If strip shows UTI we head over to Urgent Care - don't even bother with trying to get an appointment with primary care - which usually is not immediate.

gginto in reply to LindaP50

cranberry juice excellent for urinary tract infections...

jujulini in reply to gginto

Also D-mannose & DL-methionine. (works great for cats too)

chartist in reply to LindaP50

Hi Linda,

If the infections are E. coli based, which is the most common bacteria that causes UTIs (about 90%), D-Mannose is an effective treatment and preventative. D-Mannose is the active component in cranberry juice that is helpful for UTIs and their prevention even if he has run out of antibiotic options due to bacterial resistance.

Some of the advantages of D-Mannose is that it does not have the side effects of antibiotics, it does not have a negative impact on the gut biome as antibiotics can, it requires no prescription so you can have it on hand at the first sign of a UTI and the bacteria can not become resistant to it because of its method of action. It binds to the bacteria preventing the bacteria from attaching to any of the urinary tract surfaces thereby allowing the bacteria to be harmlessly flushed away when you urinate.


LindaP50 in reply to chartist

I'm the one that drinks the cranberry juice, hubby doesn't like the juice.

Appreciate the links. Since 2 uti's put hubby in hospital (before Covid) we keep the uti test strips handy and he drinks lots of water and lemon water. Realize would be best to incorporate another safety measure to prevent a hospital stay, but as you say Art, prevent having to take antibiotics which did not cross my mind (which surprises me but I can't think of everything!).

Thanks much, Art. I'm heading to read the links now.

My husband has been taking Xadago to help bridge his off-times, which was increasing in between his C/L doses. It has given him a new lease on life, and while he still gets the off periods, they are less severe. He also plays golf, and quit for a time but now he is back at it. I was sad for him thinking he may be done for good, but no, he's back. His playing is not great, but according to him, his golf game was not good before PD. 😁

yes. I thought I was incontinent and I seem to have regained control. Parkinsons seems filled with these scary moments. Maybe we are supposed to appreciate more the good times that are remaining.

yes, it sounds like he depleted hwhat little dopamine he had while golfing. if i chop too much wood etc i have to recover for 2-3 days if im not carefull. im down to 1 hour a day hsard work or ill be rigid as the tin man for 3 days. hang tough. cheers.

Seacrab in reply to beehive23

Thank you.

the urinary issue makes me wonder if he has a spinal nerve issue. something to consider. Cauda Equina syndrome?

Seacrab in reply to bassofspades

He has an appointment with his urologist. Thank you.

I have, it usually happens after I’ve had extremely physical or social activities. I usually have to stay still for days or weeks and up my dosages of c/l for a little while until I replete.

Right now I’m keeping quiet and doing less activities and storing up for the upcoming holidays. I know during the holidays I will definitely be depleting myselfI.

I think like always this forum has given you some great advice and things to check. I am a golfer. I have had only one UTI and I had a similar experience after a golf game but I do have to say I was in extreme pain? Good luck and I hope you find an answer!

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