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Neupro Patch


I have been using the 2mg Neupro patch for 10 weeks and my symptoms have not changed. This is the first medication I have tried. Is this common?

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2 mg is a very low dose. Presumably there are instructions and advice about gradually titrating up the dose until you reach the effective one for you.

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Thank you

You are not at a therapeutic level. Tell your doctor your experience and get an adjustment

PeggyDay in reply to Hikoi

Thank you

In 2017 - about 2 yrs after diag I used neupro for 12months. But I started with 4 mg, then after a few months needed 6mg then eventually 8 mg. It was a rather rapid increase, I understand others would stay on smaller doses for longer. But I had to stop Neupro, simply because the size of the patch ie: the surface area required didn't allow enough time to rotate the places and my skin became inflamed. You are supposed to let the skin rest for 15 days before reapplying the patch. Well this is fine with a small 4 mg patch, but by the time you are using 8mg, it's pretty much impossible to find new ski area all the time. BTW to treat skin rash thereafter, use SUDOCREM a baby lotion which helped me a lot. But in general I thinks it's worth trying for a while, thus

delaying the use of conventional treatment. Good luck, Gérard

Thank you

Suggestion. When you will start with L/C meds give a chance to Mucuna pruriens (With 10 or 15% of levoDOPA) instead of meds. Test each dose the time to work and wait 1 or 2 months before increasing dosage.

When you get it work decrease dose slowly by 10 or 20% until you stabilize a good result with the minimum effective quantity.

If you succeed in doing This you should Be able to stay on this Fixed quantity for many years without the heavy side effects of the std meds.

You could also manage the mood effects Or sleep disorders with CBD oil (and THC if you can).

Using mucuna gives you the benefits of the antioxidants of the seeds and avoids you to suffer the consequences of carbidopa intake with STD meds That destroys vit B6 vital for the health of your Brain in the long term.

If you feel you want You can also try a period of high dosage of vit B6 IM (and vit. C and D) to see if it reduces PD symptoms (work also to improve the conditions of your gut and microbiota)

Thanks!I will check that out.

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