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More Stem Cell Success!


A new therapeutic approach in which patient-derived dopamine-producing neurons are transplanted into the brain may halt Parkinson’s disease progression, a case report suggests.

The approach uses patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which are cells collected from the skin or blood that researchers can reprogram in a lab dish to revert them back to a stem cell-like state that has the capacity to then differentiate into almost any cell type.

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This one would seem to have a good deal of potential.

jeffreyn in reply to MarionP

What do you mean "this one"?

It's the same one he told us about last week!

MarionP in reply to jeffreyn

Well I guess I must have read it too fast because I thought it was different than the last one. Should never read on an empty stomach. Oops.

jeffreyn in reply to MarionP

It's not you I'm more worried about ...

It's Jim!

MarionP in reply to jeffreyn

Plus I'd had a couple belts of Laphroaig. I know sharon gives me heck about it and because of her advice I've cut back, but you know, once in a while, on an empty stomach...

jimcaster in reply to jeffreyn

Ha! I guess I should have actually read the full article before copying the link. 😊. I'm so obsessed with stem cells and any reason for optimism that I'll post anything encouraging if it comes from a reliable source like Parkinson's Today. My bad...but I'm still encouraged. 😊

sharoncrayn in reply to jeffreyn

Same old; same old. (N =1)

Please use the search box.

I guess there is a limit to the number of completed ipsc projects at the 2year post surgery stage which can be pulled from the hat with the rabbit. It's not, or shouldn't be, a garden shed, procedure. This one, apart from being naughty, also seems a bit of a damp squib. You could paraphrase the success of the surgery as "the patient shows no signs of being any worse..."

Nice metaphor

I read an article related to this. My husband with PD has declined precipitously since last year. It is unbearable to watch. I have not tracked down the major players in that article . I fear that my hopes will be squashed. has anyone here tried calling Drs/ researchers involved?

I'm sorry to learn about your husband. This particular treatment only involved one patient who actually "donated" two million dollars before being chosen as the patient. There are a handful of legitimate stem cell trials underway or very nearly underway throughout the world, but we're still several years away from having it widely available, even under the best possible circumstances.

Hi Jimcaster

I thought I delete the above post. It sounded silly. You are right it was a one off. But where it has been done once maybe it could be done again although I personally do not have 2million lying around to donate. But if I did it would be theirs! I have decided to call them any way. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

It didn't sound silly at all. It sounds like your husband is a lucky guy to have such a loving, caring spouse. Here's a quick summary of legitimate stem cell research for Parkinson's disease around the world:

Roger Barker, United Kingdom. (2018 – ongoing.)

Fetal tissue transplants for Parkinson’s disease. 9 patients have received the transplants. Status unknown.

Jun Takahashi, Japan. (Sept. 2018 – ongoing.)

Allogeneic pluripotent stem cell-derived dopamine neuron transplant for Parkinson’s disease. 2 patients have received the cells. Both patients are doing well.

Malin Parmer, Sweden.

Embryonic stem cell-derived dopamine neuron transplant for Parkinson’s disease. No patients have received any cells at this time.

Lorenz Studer, (NY) United States.

Embryonic stem cell-derived dopamine neuron transplant for Parkinson’s disease. Initializing a similar project using iPSCs. No patients have received any cells at this time.

Jeanne Loring, (CA) United States.

Autologous iPSC-derived dopamine neuron transplant for Parkinson’s disease. No patients have received any cells at this time. Clinical Trials pending: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we cannot speculate on when clinical trials will commence. As of Feb. 2020, clinical trials were anticipated to begin sometime in 2021.

Sapeye2020 in reply to jimcaster

Jim, I would not call this a Trial, as they had to almost beg the FSA to be allowed, better to call it something like a test run of the process with a volunteer. and he is happy and alive.

Would any of the above researchers consider the iPCS stem cells? I have a problem with fetal derived stem cells but it looks like those of your own manufacture are just as effective. Time to give everyone a call. I feel encouraged. Thank you.

"My husband with PD has declined precipitously since last year."

A practical action might be to simply elaborate on this. Maybe in a thread of its own. Maybe then someone might be able to give you some practical advice.

I see from your previous comments that you have already tried Hinz protocol, HDT, MSCs (fat stem cells), and mercury chelation. You were also considering mannitol. Did you give mannitol a try?

No cange with mannitol but then I might be doing it wrong. I am trying to find yet another neurologist that will not look down there nose at alternatives to C/L which has never worked. Do you have a recommendation on how /how much mannitol? Is there a prefered brand?

"never worked"?

Not trying to be contrary, but is the diagnosis of PD firm? Could your husband possibly have something else ?

The recommended dosage for mannitol depends on weight (too much can cause diarrhea). I'm about 55kg and I take one level tablespoon of mannitol in my coffee every morning. I've not heard of any particular brand being better than the others.

To last person asking abt Mannitol:

Any Bulk Supplements Mannitol on Amazon or health food stores :


Start slowly-w Gradual increase to manage Gas /some say diarrhea.

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