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Has anyone started using Doxycycline for PD


Recent research (2017 onwards ) has shown some efficacious effects of Doxycycline for PD. I had communicated with the Brazilian research (authors of the research on the subject) ,they confirmed that there are few PWP who have found beneficial effects of Doxycycline (I can forward my correspondence with them if someone is interested ) . The purpose of this post is to find if anyone on this forum has started the Doxycycline, if yes , what are the results

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Not yet but I will be.

Are there human trials in the works? Would this be an ongoing treatment or a periodic thing? I wonder how this affects the microbiome?

jimcaster in reply to rebtar

I don't know about human trials, but, once again, it appears to help mice. There seems to be a successful result in mouse trials every day, but very little for us humans.

Doxycycline: A study published in Scientific Reports suggests that doxycycline, an antibiotic used for over half a century against bacterial infections like Lyme disease, can be prescribed at lower doses for Parkinson’s treatment. The discovery was made during an unrelated study on Parkinson’s treatment: A lab technician accidentally fed that study’s mice a feed laced with doxycycline. Only two of the 40 mice developed Parkinson’s disease.

“We haven’t published any data yet, but I can say right away that doxycycline improves the symptoms of the disease in the animal model,” says Elaine Del-Bel, affiliated with the University of São Paulo’s Ribeirão Preto Dental School. “Preliminary results suggest that besides its anti-inflammatory action via a reduction in the release of some cytokines, doxycycline also alters the expression of key genes for the development of Parkinson’s.”

Been taking 25mg a day for past few weeks. No results as yet.

iqbaliqbal in reply to Astra7

Thanks, the results will manifest when used for quite some time

Interesting that many people think some cases of Parkinson's (or at least some of the symptoms) are in fact Lyme Disease which is treated with Doxy.

My husband took it for years 100mg for rosacea and acne and when his gut bacteria were tested he had no bifido and almost no lactobacteria which are the good guys, and had large amounts of corynebacterium amycolatum which is an antibiotic resistant bacteria found often in people with Parkinson’s.

iqbaliqbal in reply to LAJ12345

Has he stopped taking it now?

LAJ12345 in reply to iqbaliqbal

Yes, he stopped after getting the gut bacteria test results. Since then he has managed to keep the roseacea under control with a no gluten or sugar diet, plenty of Veges, and alternating weeks of berberine and Allimed with probiotics to try and fix his gut as recommended by his naturopath. He also takes digestive enzymes before each meal.

My husband has been on 50mg/day for at least 2 months for another reason. No effect on his Parkinson’s symptoms.

is there a protocol, albeit experimental, and times expected before getting results?

I believe the dose should be 100 mgms daily

Astra7 in reply to bubee

I read 20 to 40 so I’m trying 25 (1/4 of a pill). No effect so far😟

My husband is on 100mgms daily (I believe that is the recommended dose by the Brazilian researchers)for about 2 months. I am starting to notice an improvement in his ability to stand . He also put on his own socks a few times which he has not done in quite some time. Small things but noticeable --he was diagnosed in 2005. He takes rytary 2 caps 4 times daily plus midodrine 10 mgms for postural hypotension. I am hopeful


iqbaliqbal in reply to bubee

Good . I hope that it's really an effect of doxy. Keep us updated

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