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Is anyone using d-ribose?

Is anyone using d-ribose? It is possibly helpful for energy in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It is one of the things I have assed to my husband’s daily regime. Not sure if it has helped as he is feeling much better lately but he has been taking a few new things at once so not sure which is helping or whether it is the combination. He has just run out of this so not sure whether to buy again or not.

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I have never tried it, but will after reading your post, and googling it. Sounds good. I'll let you know if it helps me in 6 weeks. What brand do you use ?


He has been using Jarrow’s powder, 1 scoop a day dissolved in a sipper bottle with 1 tsp inositol, b1, mannitol, niagen, b2. Also trying Restore Gold and Hardy’s daily essential nutrients, greens and probiotics all at the same time so not sure what has helped so much. Have just ordered more from iherb but delivery is about a week so I will let you know if his energy begins to Peter out while we wait for it.

He has been taking the mannitol, b1 and b2 for ages and tried restore gold for a month before too. He has also tried niagen before for a few months last year. None of them seemed to make much difference at the time except b1 fixed his face and helped him smile again. He has also been on sertraline and mirtazapine for a few months for anxiety and depression but they didn’t seem to help much. He has been prescribed sinemet 3 times per day and is taking only one as he says it makes no difference with 0 or 3. He takes a uridine with the sinemet. I think it must be the Hardy’s products or the d-ribose helping. Or maybe the restore gold is helping this time?

He has been helping me garden and is folding washing at the moment. Hasn’t done either for months! He says he hasn’t felt so good for as long as he can remember.


So happy for you both, LAJ. May all continue well for you.

Many blessings.

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Thanks :)


Good morning ! I think we almost mirror our supplements ! I'm on Mannitol, mucuna puriens, B 1, Niagen, cur cumin, coq 10, b complex, added a bit of salt, D3 -K2. No matter how fatigued I push myself to use the treadmill for minim 15 min, max 30. This helps most for fatigue.

Get my Ribose in 2 days...very excited !! Tons of great reviews on Amazon.


Good luck with it! If it doesn’t help try swapping out your vitamin and mineral supplements for the Hardy’s ones. Also Hardy’s inositol, greens and probiotics.

He also takes the ubiquinol form of coq10.


PS when he had genetic testing done it said he should avoid turmeric and cumin which was interesting. He had been taking the curcumin too but I stopped it then. He has rs6323 genotype T 1:1 which is a lower expression of MAO A which is the gene that oxidises seratonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine. Also rs762551 AC 1/2 which makes him slow to metabolise caffeine . Main liver pathway. Instead he should have broccoli, cabbage, NAC,cardamom


Absolutely fascinating, who would have thought these spices could be harmful in this way ! Did he get his genetic testing done by a doctor, or a commercialone that is accessible to all ?

Thanks !


He had 23&me and tests done for around $100 each then went to the house of health in New Zealand . They ran the tests through Opis23 to analyse it. There will be some alternative clinic near you that does the same analysis I would think. The analysis costs a few hundred dollars. There are a few free software programs online that analyse the DNA files too but not to as much detail.


Temporarily off d ribose. I was taking it along with other usual supplements, and experienced extremely low blood pressure, lightheaded, and sheer exhaustion. Going through all my 'mitochondria feeding' supplements that reduce bp, and regrouping.


Thanks for letting me know. I have kept him on it as he has been feeling good. I will be interested to know whether you feel better off it after a while. How much were you taking? Did you try the Hardy’s in the end?


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